DirectStream MKII Heat

My DAC is getting very very hot :thinking:
Is this normal when on standby?
May that heat cause any damage?
Though, in Paris, we are nowadays under over 30°C (85°F).
Passing by, my Class A amplifier is still cool on standby mode.
Someone have already feedback about this?

This isn’t my MKII experience. My unit is only slightly warm to the touch when turned on for at least 5 hrs today.

Mine has not been on any single minute today.
Though, it is already really hot…

Do you have an opportunity to measure its power consumption, somehow? That would provide some objective data when seeking support and perhaps explain your finding.

I would turn it off and unplug it. I would also call PS Audio for advice.


Spontaneously not, my DAC is plugged on a Furutech power strip that provide power to most of my hifi materials. So measuring power needed by one of them is specially hazardous. Though, I have Cubino plugs which can measure power involved. I may test this option. Thanks for enlignting me upon this option :pray:t2:

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Thanks for your advice. I will test this option. DSD is now unplugged. Let’s see what’s going on next hours.

Make sure you remove the clear plastic protector from the top. The edges of this will restrict airflow from the perimeter of the top cover.

The mk 2 runs much warmer than my mk 1 did. I was told it has to do with the way the new boards dump their heat into the chassis.

it’s going to be difficult to determine if there’s a problem without a means to accurately determine the temperature.

Is any one part of the MK2 hotter?

my mk2 was more hot than mk1, but when i put mk2 on the same feet i had mk1 (higher) the temperature subjectively lowered - to me it seems mk2 needs breathing space on bottom.
Also you might try to power-cycle the DAC to see if after a while it gets colder (in case there would be some stuck code running in loop)

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That’s a good point. My MK2 is lifted by 1 1/4 inch from the rack and it’s only slightly warm after hours of play.