AC12 Power cable- the length

Is there a different SQ of AC12 power cable with lenght of 1m, 1,5m and 2m?

Did anybody test it?

It is for connection from P5 to component.

Thanks for advice.

I’ve read that 2 M is the magic length for sound quality. That said, I have .5, 1 and 2 meter lengths and though each presents its own placement challenge due to stiffness . . . they pretty much seem to sound the same.

If there were a difference it might depend upon the mains frequency, or it might be independent of that. And whether or not that matters might depend upon the construction of the cable. It might also depend upon exactly which components were it either end.

So many variables. So few experiments.

But if enough people work on it a concensus might emerge.

Enjoy the music.