Longer power cables


My entire system is powered via PS Audio AC12 and AC5 power cables. Everything plugs into a P10. I am about to add a second subwoofer which will be in a corner that is about 12 feet or so from the P10. I could just plug it into the wall and not deal with it or I can figure out a way to use a pair of AC5s or a long something or an extension cable to reach. I prefer everything be plugged into the P10 for protection but I can’t figure out how to do it without some type of extension cord plugged into a 6’ AC5. Looking for ideas or suggestions. Thanks.


I have 5m PS Audio XStream AC power cable which I use for this very purpose. I don’t think many were built, but trawl the usual used market places and you might get lucky.

Maybe PS Audio could have their Chinese supplier build you a 5m AC5.


A 5M AC5 would do the trick.


Well, you can’t have mine. Ask Paul to have one built.


I had a similar dilemma. I used a Furutech e-TP609 NCF with multiple AC12 cables. This solution allows some other configurations with the additional outlets.


This is my fallback position I think.


If you can strip wire and work a screwdriver, buy a length of 8 or 10 gauge, 3-conductor cable from the hardware store and some good ends (like Furutech, Hubble, etc.) from the net. Save a lot of money and I doubt very much in the application it would be worse than multiple cables stuck together. Just an option.


There are also cable co that will make their cable sizes to order. ZU for one. They give large price breaks on their discontinued versions of PC. I know because I just ordered a 7 meter cable (Event MK1) to go from my power amp to my P10. Cullen (and others) also make cables to order and prices are reasonable. I believe Cullen worked with PSA in the past. Never heard Cullen cables but reviews are good.


Cullen Cables would be a good choice in this circumstance. Patrick makes quality stuff, and a long run for a sub power cable doesn’t need to be something mega-premium expensive. I own several of his cables. Good guy to work with too.


Thanks. I will check it out.


I use a Pangea Audio AC 9SE MKII Signature Power Cable 4.0 Meter. Despite the name it is a 7 gauge cable. Available from Audio Advisor. Designed by the same guy as PSA’s AC series, although to lower price points.


Funny you mention that one. I have it bookmarked as a possibility. I have received a few really good suggestions which I am studying. Thanks.