Cable length matching

I assume the answer to this question is yes. But I wanted to ask anyway. Should I use the same length cables for left and right units? So if 1 amp is say 18’ from the P20 and the other is 3’ I should still use same length power cables, as well as speaker cables and XLR? I assume yes since different length have different resistance, inductance and capacitance and not matching could through off timing of system.


I’ve read that they should be same length to prevent phase issues.

The issue I am having is that my power cables would have to be 16’ each for my amps. That’s pricey for good cables.

I would keep the signal cables, the XLR and the speaker wires the same length, but just use shortest power cords that you need.
I suppose you could put on a mono source, and listen for any differences in the sound.
In my opinion, there won’t be any.

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I have always been in favor of using same length cables despite the actual required length. Maybe it’s just my penchant for symmetry, but it makes me feel better.