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Hello peoples… Right to it.
Cocktail Audio X40 -> SoundTech X234 Crossover - M-1200s -> Magnepan MG-III and to Jamo D6Sub. The X234 does the trick, perhaps not an audiophile piece, but I would like to find an active crossover that has a bypass function so I can enjoy the Mags full range OR utilize the sub when panel slap ‘trouser flapping bass’ material just has to be played… A JL CR-1 is on the wish list but a weeee bit out of my $ range. I just can’t seem to find a 2 way crossover with selectable subwoofer frequency low enough, bypass feature and balanced XLR. Even the Bryston 10B only goes down to 70Hz, I’d really like the ability to cross down to 50Hz. Anyone make such an animal? Now if someone made an EQ WITH crossover as stated - that would make my ears come glad…! I know purists will gasp - but I’m a gear tweaker… different recordings require slightly different settings dammit!!!

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JL Audio CR-1! Phenomenal product

Got one?
Goin cheeeep?

I’ll strongly second what @paul172 said. Save your pennies and buy the right crossover once @pikpen.

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Save for a CR-1

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Designing and building one right now. Fully balanced, two way LR 24dB/oct, straight line phase… Starting print design next week… Can’t wait to hook it up…


You should take a look at Marchand Electronics.

Back in the day when I had Magnepan 3.6s I had their fully balanced XM126 2 way tube crossover.

Fully assembled or in kit form, If you do not see what you need just ask.

Edit: Just visited the site, I do not see kit pricing listed!

I did buy their stuff 5 years ago but it ended up in the trash can. Now I am doing it myself. Just for fun. Retired you know… :slight_smile:

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I looked at the Marchand - they don’t appear to have the bypass/full range feature.

Maybe MiniDSP

I spy one in your seductive array there… so to be fully clear does the ‘Crossover Function Bypass’ indeed allow full range to the satellite amp if the bass inputs are not used? The manual reads as such but I’d appreciate a hands on confirmation…

Yes it does Jeff.

Thanks. Saving…
I guess if I were to sell off some of my countless pieces of vintage audio gear…
And we LAUGHED…and we LAUGHED…

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