ADD-Powr AC line conditioner

Looks like an interesting new approach to dealing with AC grunge, although this technology isn’t exactly new. I like the fact it runs in parallel instead of series, thereby avoiding colorations or current limitations to your system.

They also have several different models ranging in price from $75 to $4,000.

I was just posting the review that you had linked in your post! Rats… didn’t see that.

Great review though, and has me intrigued…

It is intriguing, albeit in the way that quantum mechanics is. Too many variables, and too many things I don’t know about it to have any idea whatsoever just from reading about it. And the reviewer’s system, along with the acknowledged/stated issues with his room and power, cause me to question the applicability of the glowing review to other systems and rooms.

Just sayin’.

I get skeptical when people use the word “Quantum”. Quantum theory is still evolving and for the most part it’s an unknown. So to state that you have harnessed it’s qualities to create clean power, hence sound is a stretch.

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As always, the proof is in the pudding.

I met the owner at T.H.E Show in Long Beach last month. I had a very lengthy conversation with him about the Sorcer. It was very interesting to hear what his technology is doing, as opposed to the more traditional means of treating power. But, at the time of the show, he did not offer a 30-day trial, or any trial period. Looking at his website now, I see that has changed. He is located in Los Angeles and after explaining to him how difficult it would be for me to make a purchase decision without a trial, he offered to bring a unit by my house for a test run. The other thing he was uncertain about is how the PowerPlant would perform with one of his systems in place. That being said, I am curious to simply compare the Sorcer only vs. the P10’s (I have two) only. Then if there is an improvement, add the P10 back and see what happens. This is better than a money back guarantee as I do not have to front the cash upfront for the purchase. Once I get my new monoblocks in my system and have time to acclimate, I will take him up on his offer.

I had an overall positive impression of him and to be honest, he was not a great salesman. He is however a VERY smart individual which I appreciate more than a salesman.

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I look forward to your feedback after you’ve had time to evaluate the product. Keep us posted.

I’m interested in hearing how it goes. I’m curious about the passive enhancement to clean power. Especially if it is used in combination with a power re-generator.