New Power Conditioner - Choice

Throwing this out there for any opinions. I’m buying a new power conditioner. I’ve pretty much picked the brand I want so that’s not the question. I like how this one works for me. I’m currently running a loaner from my local dealer. Made in the uk.

The linked one above has six receptacles and ultimately, I need 8. Puritan makes a 12 receptacle one. I have two good choices for almost the same money. One, buy the 6 receptacle one with two additional ultimate power cords for my soon to arrive pass lab mono blocks. I would plug my REL subs directly into perfectly placed receptacles. Two, buy the 12 receptacle one and no additional power cords. At
least not for awhile. A final fact, either choice, I would feed the conditioner with puritan’s top of the line power cord.

All stereo devices would be on the same dedicated 20A circuit regardless of choice. The dedicated circuit was installed with a dedicated neutral and separate equipment grounding conductor. I would eventually upgrade the power cords with option two but money is always a factor in this crazy, expensive hobby.


Ps I live mostly in the subjective world when it comes to my stereo. Don’t really care about the other opinion in screed form.


If the 6 and the 12 are almost the same money, then maybe the answer is there’s no substitute for cubic inches. What’s the drawback to the 12?

The 12 is a decent amount more money, almost double. The difference will buy two extra power cords now.

I see your conundrum. I’d probably go for spare capacity for maybe future growth.
So, you’re trying a loaner. What do you hear? I tried to read the 6 Moons review, but sometimes their floral bombast is just too much…


Nice soundstage, clean and warm music. Ya, capacity for who knows what the future system holds is a thing. I could always add a small power strip as a load to get a few more receptacles. I’ll decide by Tuesday. Leaning toward buying more for my money now and getting the six….kind of a typical choice for me.


as an aside on the power conditioner, I always had a hum on my two rels if they were on and my BHKs off (high level connection). With the Puritan, the hum is gone and I leave my subs on all the time. I used to shut them off at the end of a session to resolve the hum. The rels are currently plugged into the wall and not the Puritan.


If the setup you’ve got with the loaner works for you and the hum is gone with the REL’s in the wall then leave it that way and get the better power cords. I’ve always plugged subs straight into the wall regardless of brand with no issues.

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I have a Puritan my Guru said would destroy my P20. I broke it in on my home theater system and then placed it behind the P20 and swapped all the cables to it. After a half hour tops I switched back to the P20 and put the Puritan back on the Home Theater. It is an excellent device at an excellent price. The P20 is safe though.

It is a PSM156. I really like it a lot!