Adventures on Audiogon

Betting many in this forum have bought and sold gear over the years on the 'gon or other sites. I sure have. My yellow flag gets thrown (or red card gets shown, choose your flavor of football) by certain things.

One of my favorites, just saw it again a moment ago on the 'gon, is ‘selling for a friend’. Yeah, I don’t think so.

It’s about this time of year when everyone decides to hock gear and my flag is out of my pocket more often than not.

I prefer US Audiomart. It’s free and isn’t just a sales site for retailers. I just bought a USB cable from an individual today. -Easy transaction with someone owning an excellent rating and only asking 1/2 price. I suppose that most people here don’t pay retail for their gear unless it’s a rare piece or in great demand. I don’t usually have to throw any yellow flags, because Paypal prevents most disputes.

Never had much of an issue wit the 'gon, other than individuals who choose not to respond. I just figured it was for the best.

I use Canuck and it’s sister site US Audio Mart constantly. I’ve bought and sold 100’s of items. Most are pleasant and financially great transactions.

I have sold tons of things on Audiogon and Usaudiomart without any problems (knock on wood). Here lately I have sold a few items on eBay but that is rare for me.

If you trade enough in the audio gear set, both in buying and selling, there are some good questions to ask for authentication purposes. Never hurts to ask for more pictures and product purchase history. If they don’t want to answer your questions, or the answers are not to your satisfaction, move ob to the next deal. There will always be another. Know the PayPal rules. Meeting people in person to deliver goods can affect seller protection. There has to be a tracking number with PayPal. Always send to a verified address. I had a recent transaction where I sold out a working SPDIF cable and the buyer returned me a broken one. (Ohmed it with a VOM and It played music when I sent it). Sometimes you run into a turd buyer. He either damaged it, or send me an exact copy which had beeb damaged. Can’t hammer em on feedback either or you get retaliatory feedback. Just got eat those and move on. Comes with the territory I suppose.