Advice on Semi or Fully Automatic Turntables

I have a decent vinyl collection and with age (e.g. laziness) I want a little more convenience out of my turntable - at the least send the tone arm back when the record ends. I don’t want a simple manual lift, I want the tone arm back and preferably the unit to shut off.

I do not need the unit to have a built in phono preamp, as I have a MM/MC preamp on my integrated amp.

So I’m looking for suggestions under $1,000. Thanks

You can still get automatic turntables from amazon. Of course be aware the fidelity will not be as good as a good manual one because there will be more resonance feedback from the mechanics.

A used Revox B795 with a new Shure V maybe?

Check out Dual and Thorens. They may have one that fits your requirements and budget.

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Take a look at the Pro-Ject A1 Automatic. While I have not tried it myself the claim is that the automation is not in contact with the arm while its playing.

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