Advice wanted please on connecting a sub

I am pulling the trigger on a new REL S/812, just a single, as lack of room available and the “other half” prevents a stereo pair.
Anyway, I have the Stellar GainCell Dac connected to a S300 power amp, and also an Anthem MRX520 connected to the SGCD to provide the TV and Blu Ray to play 5.1. Am I right in thinking the connections would be using the Anthems LFE sub out in conjunction with a connection to the power amp enabling to utilise the sub to be used with the SGCD that has the PC connected via the USB input… or have I missed something. ALL my music is stored on the PC, so cannot use the sub at the moment for that

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I would go for “High Level Neutrik Speakon” from S300.
I have M700 and pair of JL Audio D110, the connection is on high level input as Paul recommend in one of his ask Paul YouTube video.
Of course, my assumption is the sub will also be used for two channel listening to augment the low frequency.

It will, as ALL my music is now on ssd of the PC (which is connected to the SGCD/S300. I just use the LFE on the other amp for playing TV/movies , Netlix, DVD etc. When you say from S300, I presume use 2 of the 3 wires on the High Level lead, but NOT the Earth wire

Rel has YouTube on this.

However, for single Rel sub.
Rel has this

My JL Audio sub, can take the stereo RCA output from pre amp to the low level input on a single sub.

Maybe someone in the forum can give more insight how to better connect a single Rel.

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I would second Terrence’s suggestion of using the SpeakOn connection. It is very effective and highly musical - seemless integration in my experience.

And - there is an upgrade path for the cable! :wink:


OK, lets see if I have this right :thinking: if I connect the sub using the High Level connection, it will just get its signal from the S300 amp, right? And if I also use the LFE connected to the Anthem MRX520, and get a sound source for my DVD player as well? And switch between the High Level and LFE button, depending on the source I want to play, either PC via High Level, or DVD via LFE

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Yes it is possible to switch between the inputs on the sub (but both cannot be used at the same time for obvious reasons). You’d be able to optimize audio only and AV set ups this way.

What I am not sure is whether you have a pair of speakers for audio only, and you 5.1 rig has the ‘5’ but you are adding the REL as the .1?

I have a pair of Amphion 3 LS speakers, which double as front speakers in the 5.1 setup, the other being Amphion Argon 5C centre and MS 10i classics for the rear duties

Hmmmmm. In my home theater setup with a single REL sub I connect both the high level and the .1 sub channel feed at the same time. I notice no issues. Is one input being ignored or are both working at the same time when a 5.1 signal is present?

REL suggests having both connected as you do as there is bass present in the signal to the speakers that is not carried in the .1 channel so the sub functions for all the low frequency sounds

See last paragraph in the REL link above


The main/front speakers are powered by the S300 and the volume is controlled by the SGCD and the centre/rears are controlled by the Anthem A/V amp. So i have to adjust the volume on the SGCD to roughly the same sound levels coming from the centre (not ideal, and there will be a way round it, but not found that yet)

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So the person above who stated both can’t be used at the same time for obvious reasons may see that both can in fact be used at the same time. I have been doing so for a very long time. I may have even read about it in the manual. In fact, I am fairly certain I did. High level plus .1 input.

He is certainly correct about there being an upgrade cable. I have a few and they make a difference. (Sadly)

My REL S/2 is connected using the cable you will find in the box, plus an extension using mains flex. I’m looking to get an S/812 as well, but they are quite large.

Hi aangen - yes hi level and .1 can be used at the same time. Sorry if I wasn’t clear (don’t write with a vid conf induced migraine!) My G1 manual is interesting because it doesn’t expressly say to not use high and low level inputs at the same time, which would be common sense. Earlier manuals for things like the older Habitat1 expressly say not hi and low level.

Watching the video about the class D hook up led me to other vids about hooking up to a tube amp. REL manuals suggest connecting the sub to the same terminals as the speaker wire. But the vids say if you can, always connect to the 8 ohm irrespective of whether the speakers are on another terminal. Anyone ever confirmed this makes a difference?

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