More of you who uses 2 connections to the sub?

I wonder if there is more than me that use both the “Line Input/LFE” and the “High Level Input” on your sub to get the bass you’re supposed to have?

I use the “High Level Input” on my sub, from my power-amps speakerterminals, when I’m listening to 2.0 “coded” music (plain 2-channel stereo) and then when I see movies or listen to one of my very few x.1 coded SACDs I disconnect the “Line Input/LFE” contact on my sub and turn on my DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033C that gives my sub all the x.1 sound it should have.

I’ve heard that if I only use the “High Level Input” on my sub when I listen to something that has x.1 info in the sound I loose lots of bass-info/power so it’s because of that I’m curious on how you do. If you choose from 2 different connections like me depending on what kind of sound you’re going to use or if you use the same input on your sub all the time.

On my two channel setup with my REL subs I just use the high level. I don’t even have an LFE output on my preamp so that is easy enough.
On my theater setup I use both and leave both connected at all times. My belief is when listening to music I am hearing the high level. When watching a movie, that movies soundtrack uses the LFE, which otherwise it is silent for normal music listening.
I could be wrong but it works well for me.

In my system I have 2 Rel T7 i so that I use the front speaker from the naim xs2 and I have av bypass unfortunately I cant use the high level input because when I would use HT the rel will receive the lfe input signal plus the high level signal so what I do is to use the low level input from the naim sub output when I listen in stereo (this output is off if I am in av bypass) and I use lfe when I listen in HT mode from the emotiva processor.
Sorry for my bad english and I hope it is clear what I mean


You don’t mention what brand of sub you use. I have a pair of REL T/9i’s for one of my systems. I use those exclusively for music and hence connect with the recommended Speakon connectors. However, on page 11 of the REL manual REL explicitly states: ‘HI LEVEL and .1/LFE inputs can be used simultaneously.’ And explains the benefits for HT of that mode as long as the processor is properly configured.
When in doubt, consult your owners manual or check with the manufacturer about using both connectors. Were I using my RELs for HT, I would follow RELs recommendation and hook up both inputs (subject to the caveat about proper processor setup in the REL manual).

What does it matter what brand it is on the sub?
I only ask how/what connections you use on your sub.
Anyway, I have a sub from KEF with the name XQ60b.
I think it’s best I show how it looks like also, since the brand was important. The sub is the black thing in the middle of the picture.

Just for fun I can say that the big white speakers on that picture is a pair of KEF XQ40 and I use a pair of them as rear speakers in my 7.1 system, the only difference is that my XQ40 is black just like the sub.

An intemperate response to another member who was only trying to be helpful. Brand can sometimes matter depending on exactly how the filters and inputs on the plate amp are designed.

Memo to myself not to try to be helpful to Birger again.


Ok, I don’t know anything about that. I thought they all were about the same to bee as “compatible” as possible.

Wut r those tings round the subb?

I’ve asked KEF about that 2 weeks ago but they have not given me an answer yet so I use just 1 and change to the one I want to use.

The worst with that was to check all my 180 SACDs if they had x.1 sound or not and write it down so that I know when I should use “Line Input/LFE” and the “High Level Input” on my sub to get the bass I want.