M700's and Rel subwoofers

Getting intetested i. The M700’s
There is language on back of amp about contacting manufacturer before hooking up powered subwoofers.
I have 2 Rel T7i’s
Can i use these with the M700 monoblocks.
Tried calling PSAUDIO but no one answering phones
Thank you

Also while i have you
Thoughts on switching to mono amps.

Currently have Rotel RB 1582 mkll
Thank you

This video explains how to connect REL subwoofers to the M700 or similar amplifiers.


Thank you

Yes you can. I have 2 REL’s connected to the M700’s.

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Thank you
Appreciate it

help, just watched the beginning of the video, and the chap said Rel do not recommend putting a single Rel sub to a pair of mono blocs… what am I to do, I have a few hours until my M700’s arrive. Does this mean I can no longer use the high level connection. As to purchasing another Rel S8/12, due to the UK price, thats NOT an option, as have just bough a pair of M700’s, which will be here shortly (14/03)

Unfortunately, it appears like the high level connection is not an option with a single Rel. Per Rel’s website you have to use the low level input to achieve stereo input.


Also, depending on the recording, you might not notice any problems if you just high level connect your single subwoofer to only one amplifier. Many stereo recording mixes have mono bass tracks anyway.

I now have my M700’s and just have to run them in. The chap who installed them (the dealer) said just to be 100% safe he would make the connection from the Stellar Pre/Dac to the low level input on the Rel sub, so all is good.

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Just curious what output on the SGCD he used in connecting the single REL. There’s only one pair of unbalanced outs and one pair of balanced outs. Did he use a Y-adapter to run the pair of unbalanced to the single input on the sub, leaving you to connect to the M700s with the balanced connections, or did he devise some other scheme?

if you mean me, then I used (recommended by Rel) to use the outputs from the SGCD to the Rels Low level rca inputs, Its nowhere near as good as High Level, but am getting another S8/12 soon

I’m running two 812s. One is fine. Two is just overboard, too much, and just perfect. Fun dialing them in too. Also seems like bass now comes from everywhere. No localization at all.

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A small update as of Easter 2022. I am getting another Rel S8/12, so will have a stereo pair, one for each mono M700. Can someone remind me as to the correct way to hook them up using the High level, and instead of not connecting the black wire (I think), can I connect that to the grounding post on each amp?
thanks people

Someone here connected one REL S812 sub to two M1200s. He hooked the yellow high level cable to the left amp positive and the red to the positive post on the right amp. He left the black wire coiled and unconnected. It works well and should work with M700s just fine.

Since the high level cable is usually much longer than needed so he stripped the black outer layer to expose the right amount of wire to reach each amp.

Forgive me if someone already posted this.

I am a long time REL user so I know a thing or two. Give it a try and see if it beats the RCA setup.


I would try that, but have been told its not recommended by either Rel or PS, as it COULD damage, and therefore invalidate the warranty. I agree that the High Level is a far superior sound, and as such, I want that, so “splashing” out on an open box ex demo from a reputable dealer, here in the UK

I know a couple of people who do this.
I do not believe REL said to not do it.
They told me differently.
But no matter.

just want to err on the side of caution really, as I am not an electrical/wiring person, so keeping safe.

I get that. Email them and ask them about it. Let them tell you.

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What Al said. I have used RELs on balanced, unbalanced, monos, integrated etc. I’m currently running two on a fully balanced integrated. Absolutely you want to do it right but a quick call and they will help you thru it. Run hi level…

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For what it’s worth, I just bought new pass labs amps (monos). I already knew how to connect my two RELs using the hi level connection. Still, I sent emails to both REL and Pass and received quick and complete answers from both confirming my assumption.

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