Advise please? W4S upgrade VS Gustard X26 pro

Hello all,
Im one of those guys punching way above my weight here. Im disabled and living on a fixed income but I’ve always had a passion for audio. I have an original wyred4Sound DAC2. They want over $2600 to get it up to date but it will still only have a single 9028pro chip and it has a single transformer. I got it because i found it really cheap and its upgradable, and its made in USA. BUT… The gustard is $1500 has dual mono 9039pro chips, dual transformers… I know the PS audio is ay better but ill never have that kind of cash.

May be a stretch but my DS DAC is one of the best components in my system. Plan to keep for a very long time.

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As i said im already punching above my weight. I really cant afford $2600 let alone $6k

I have this one, and it has taken over from DS DAC when the latter went for repair. It definitely is a great sounding streaming DAC/ pre.