Recommended Musical Style Speakers in the $500 to $1,900 Range

A friend is wondering what brand/model to buy. (ignoring subs for now)
He is looking for musicality versus detail.
For starters I suggested looking at the used market.
Thank you

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Steve Guttengurg “The Audiophilliac” on YouTube reviews a lot of affordable speakers. He’d be a good place to start the journey.

If you want to assemble a kit it’s hard to beat GR Research. Even the finished kits are very reasonably priced.

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Hello. To limit it first. Which speakers can come into question. Where does the friend live? Not everything is available in every country. I still have a couple of F.A.S.T speakers. The sound is very musical. They have a sufficient bass foundation thanks to two 160 mm woofers that play up to 300 Hz. Then a 130mm Ciare HX 132 takes over. Details are also present, not on the scale of a ceramic, beryllium or foil tweeter. Thanks to the broadband, the loudspeakers sound timely with good spatial representation and magical voices. Is your friend looking for stand or shelf speakers? Wharfedale is also a recommendation for loudspeakers with a top price-performance ratio. Good used ones are always a good alternative. Broadband speaker or multi-way speaker? Finished or DIY?

SB acoustics hat gute Selbstbaulautsprecher und Chassis. Alle Preisklassen…bis hin zu wirklich Highend mit der Satori Linie. Die TExtreme Chassis sind Interessant.:wink:

Tangband hat auch interessante Fullrange.

Browsing through the website is interesting… I am tempted by one or the other project… full range, coax…

Greetings Andreas

The KLH Model 2 comes from a very musical heritage
of Henry Kloss design.

The Model 2 is at the very top of the $$$$ range you were
aiming at.

Music Direct offers a 60 day home trial…
as well as a trade in program as well

The KLH Model 5 is outside the $$$$ range you mentioned…

Best wishes

KEF LS50 all day long.

The original version can be had used for a real bargain.

The KEF LS50 Wireless (version 1) can also be had for a steal now.

I actually have a pair for sale.

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Only that the LS50s are $2631 new about $1000 over budget limit
of the op

Best wishes

I do not mean to come across as rude, but would you care to share/elaborate what is meant by this comment?

I, for one, am not sure I understand “musicality” in this context. Maybe others would benefit from a clarification as well – and it would be helpful for generating more recommendations.

Good luck to your friend.

My mistake. I thought used speakers were being considered.

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Martin Logan 40i
Magnepan LRS+
What does this person have for amplification?

Hey kerosene…

You didn’t goof up…I did…didn’t read thoroughly…
Sorry pal…

Best wishes

Thank yous to all. After a little time spent looking at speaker prices, my friend fell into a state of near depression. He has bumped into reality, so to speak. :grinning:


I’m assuming musicality meaning one wouldn’t get listener fatigue after a short while. Think you need to provide a bit more detail otherwise as scotte1 kindly suggested. My recipe…

I would buy used and a name brand that has a good resale value on eBay or Audio Mart. Unlike buying new, this possibly dampens the possibility of another shock when he hears something else he likes better down the road (and he will) and wants to unload his first purchase.

The likes of the Sonus Faber Concertinos will retain its value a year or so down the road and you can get them between $500 and $1000 for a pair. Or vintage Dynaudio bookshelves, or Focal. They will authenticate the music you play, sound really good and leave plenty of room for a good used sub (again keep in mind upgrading). You can’t go wrong with a REL T9 if you can find one, but the T5s are worthy for now. For now, some good quality copper cables will do the trick until you get that 3rd ear like some of the guys on this forum and need audiophile cables. You can find some good American-made OFC cables, 10 or 12AWG, twist the cables yourself and you’ll have something that’s worthy.


Good advice…more bang for the buck…


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I would get these:

Update: Awful news for my friend, his dentist just coopted his savings. Thanks to all who offered advice.
@Elk please close this thread.

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No reason to close the thread, the responses can easily be helpful to others looking for good, affordable speakers.

Best wishes to your friend!

Thank you

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cdfoley wishing your friend recovery …

Best wishes

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Yes. Very sorry to hear about his dental woes. It doesn’t take much of that to eat up the cost of a nice hi-fi component.