Affordable used full-range speakers

I believe @audiojan has their higher reference series; I’m not familiar enough to comment on this specific speaker.

@Arenith @senna1a, I do indeed have a pair of Audio Physic Avanti III, the larger brother to the Virgo. But I also have extensive experience with the Virgo II’s as one of my really good friends has a pair. In some ways, the Virgo II’s are superior. They have the ability to completely disappear, throwing an immense yet detailed and relaxed sound scape. They do very well with modest amplification, but responds beautiful to higher end stuff. My buddy was using a decent A/V integrated (NAD 777v3) and it sounded really good, but changing to a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated and it REALLY took a step into audio nirvana.

Where the Avanti II has the advantage is in dynamics and low end. Not that the Virgo II’s doesn’t have both in spades, but simply physics of going to a larger speaker can’t be denied.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Virgo II


How would you say the Virgo II fares around and below 30Hz?

I currently have vintage '78 Sansui ES-207, which have an 8" woofer coupled with an 8" passive radiator, fairly long-throw, so extension below 30Hz is good despite them not being large speakers. But these are such old speakers that no doubt the Virgo II would trump them in pretty much all ways, I just want to ensure they GO LOW. I don’t have money for good subwoofers, so I need the stereo speakers being quite full-range.

BTW, my listening room is 7 x 8 x 3 m = about 170 cubic meters, that’s 23’ x 26’ x 10’ = about 6000 cubic ft.
This info here just to give some pointer of how much LF extension I effectively need in the space…

The Virgo II does reach below 30Hz, the -3dB point is 27Hz. With a room that size, you will need bigger speakers though for full bass. My Avanti III would do extremely well (my room is about the same size as yours).

I think it all comes down to what you want… full bass or accurate bass. It’s going to be really hard to get both on a strict budget. The large room size dictates a speaker that can deliver the bass energy at the low end and that usually means higher price point. I would much rather forego a bit of low end for accuracy. It’s not that much going on under 30Hz. The lowest key on a piano is 27.5Hz (A0). The lowest pitch on a bass guitar is 41Hz. Sub-bass (20-60Hz) requires quite a bit of volume to be heard to be heard due to Fletcher Munson curve, so unless you play really low, you are much better off giving up a bit of low end Hz to gain accuracy and speed.


Alrighty, thanks for the info… I’ll see if I can get the Virgo II cargoed to my country (they weigh some…), I think 1150€ is a great deal for them, they come with an accompanying DSP device too…
I’m sure the Virgo II’s would love my Electrocompaniet Class-A dual-mono amp, it’s a high-current design, for the 4ohms it would deliver a good 200W…


Do keep suggesting affordable full-range speakers you can find listed for sale.
For everyone. Anywhere. Do say where.

At 2K you can find a used pair of Legacy Focus. Response below 20Hz. True full range speakers.

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Wow, this sure is easier for Americans.
Finding affordable full-range speakers in a small European country takes some serious searching and luck. DHL isn’t exactly cheap for an >50kg two-box delivery either.

I do have affordable full-range speakers actually - '78 Sansui ES-207. Not exactly high-end, certainly hi-fi though. Maybe I should just rework the cabinets and put together some over-the-top crossovers and be happy until I actually have serious kiloeuros at hand…

where in eu are you? :slight_smile:

The white little speakers you see in Paul’s videos in the PS Audio main hall system were made here!
Anyway, I guess the high-end scene here is about related to the population. If I surf Hifishark obviously Germany has a ton of deals.

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Ah fair enough, Finland always sounded nice, even if no HiFi deals to be had :slight_smile: