Affordable XLR interconnects for Stellar Phono?

I’m waiting for my Stellar phono stage to arrive!
Meantime I need to get interconnects to hook it up to my GCD.
I prefer balanced cables, and moderately priced.
Will Canare L-4E6S Star Quad from Blue Jeans be a good choice? That’s what I use between GCD and M700.
As you know, Framer wrote in his review that the Stellar is sensitive to cables, so I’m a bit concerned I choose wrong cables.

I recommend Belden BAV XLR, available here:

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These cables are $23 each. Used them throughout my last component system. They were probably used when your music was recorded (in 100 ft lengths).


Music Direct has some 2 meter Audioquesr King Cobras left at $210 a pair. I’m using them between my SGCD and Parasound JC 3 Junior phono stage and and with my M700 amps as well, and I’m happy with the sound and construction.

I second bootzilla’s recommendation of Belden BAV XLR. I am using them between my SPP and BHK Pre. They are excellent, especially for the money.

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I have the same XLR Mogami cables Steven Segal is referring to sitting on my shelf in my mancave.
If interested I will check length and sell to you if you’d like.
Tom - NJ

Mogami and Mogami Golds are great until you hear something better, I have punched that dance card,or hear Belden BAV or Iconoclast. Then they get relegated to a shelf or seldom used system until you wish for better.

Might as well as spend money once unless you are very tight on budget.

Can’t beat WireWorld for the money.

I use the entry WireWorld between my SGCD and amps and a pair eBay ZuAudio cables between my NPC and the SGCD. And the sound is GOOD.

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I’m not sure what length you need, but, I have a couple sets of WW silver eclipse xlr that I would give you a good price on.

To pile onto the Iconoclast recommendation, a three foot pair of BAV is $260. While not cheap to those unfamiliar with audiophile cable pricing, they are a bargain given the design work that went into them. Darren Myers who designed the Stellar Phono recommended Iconoclast cables to me, ‘nuff said …


In How-to page, I found this
And made myself several XLR cable with different length, not to long and not to short, for all my PSA gears (SGCD+M700+DSDAC) I get my parts from
BTW, also made some mogami speaker cables for my JL audio subs and bass part of main speaker (bi wired)

The Blue Jeans Cables are good products are would work fine with your setup,

I have some Cullen Cables (, including XLR interconnects and power cords. I like them and the prices are reasonable. Patrick (the owner) is great to work with.

Thank you all for your recommendations.
You sure gave me a lot of options
Thanks again!

The PS Audio guide posted by @Terrence uses 2534 cable and comes out at $50, which is about the same for a couple of cables using the same 2534 cable off Amazon per the link I posted. Given the electrical design of balanced cables and the short lengths used in home audio, a star quad cable properly put together cannot really be beaten and, if it can, I’d like to know why. Also bear in mind that in the pro world the sonic quality is not really the issue, more the fact that they get abused and engineers are often more concerned that the cable is physically robust and will last as long as possible and cannot be easily damaged, but at the same time is also sufficiently flexible and can be easily moved around. Audiophiles, on the other hand, treat them better than their kids.

As Steven says these cables will do a fine job. Here in the UK there’s a company called designacable ( ). I use them for all my balanced XLR cables. Although there are different cable options I go for the Van Damme Star Quad Tour Grade cables with the Neutrik gold pinned connectors. Designacable let you specify the cable length, the cable colour and even the colour of the boots on the connectors (they’re extremely helpful - today I’m expecting some 1.2m balanced cables to arrive. Online you can order lots of standard length alternatives - they’re making me 1.2m even though standard sizes are 1m or 1.5m).

Thanks Steven

While ease of use and robustness matters for recording professionals, sound is paramount. Pros discuss and argue about cables, ADCs, etc. just as much as audiophiles.

I have never chosen a cable for one of my projects with the attitude “It’s tough, thus I will use it.”

Can’t go wrong with these cables from Audio Sensibility.