What XLR cables are you using

What are the forumites using in the way of XLR cables, between the SGCD and M700’s? I only ask as am thinking of changing my AF Audio (1 man band in the UK) Bodhi ones. There is nothing wrong with them, just fancy a change, as I use TQ BlackII speaker cable, with my now run in speakers (Amphion Argon 7LS)
Thanks people

I’m not using SGCD or M700 but I am using VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati XLR cables, I know they are expensive (I did get most of mine used) but they are excellent imo.

I no longer have the setup but used the humble BJC Belden offering with my GCD / M1200. But I’m fortunate enough to be seemingly insensitive to cable differences.


A step up from BJC will be Iconoclasts and they offer a range of cable price points. They do international shipping.


The Iconoclasts are scientifically designed, with excellent sonics and value.
I highly recommend them.


An interesting alternative can also be found on Aliexpress if you can reconcile it with your conscience. You can find a cable like the Audioquest Dragon XLR there at an unrivaled price. The plugs do not differ from the originals. The DBS system is visually identical, it is close to the original, the effect is there. The conductors are cold welded (crimped) like the original. The Chinese assure it is the same PSS Silver. I replaced it with a higher quality silver conductor than the one used by Audioquest. I can’t say whether it was necessary because I only operated the China Clone for a short time without letting it run in. I upgraded to German high-end MCS Silver while one of my mono amplifiers was in need of repair. The Insulation materials are slightly different. The Teflon used is a little harder. I previously had an original Audioquest Earth xlr. The Dragon Clone was superior to this one. Smoother, resolution and stage presentation. I was only able to hear the original Audioquest Dragon in an other ssystem. When he saw my Dragon he wasn’t happy and asked me not to talk about it with other customers who were paying huge amounts for it. Maybe I’ll get another opportunity to test my converted clone with the original directly in my system. I had previously tried Audioquest Firebird and bluewonder. From what I remember, the Firebird couldn’t hold a candle to the Aliexpress clones. The Wild blue wonder from Audioquest is also subject to the clone in its details. I would be interested in a comparison of Dragon original and clone. Even if the original Audioquest won, the clone would still be the winner. Maybe I would then make the insulation myself from foamed Teflon and carbon with a tourmaline coating. I am very satisfied with my Dragon Clone so far and have never had a better cable. It sounds even in all frequencies, detailed without sharpness with the right weight in the low tones. Greetings Andreas

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My friend, you are going to make many jump out their seats now! I do not endorse clone products from China, but I have tried the Odin2 knockoff cords from Aliexpress. They sound excellent for the price, but I do not think they can compete with the real thing since they are still the weakeast power cords in my system, so I needed to replace all connectors with REAL Furutech IF50 plugs. Talking about making a okay cable to something extradinally this is the way.

However, there are many audiophile brands from China make incredible sounding gears at lower prices compare to the same from the Western world. I tend to think this is a wonderful way to introduce the hobby to newbies or to budget-oriented music lovers who want to enjoy high quality products. No newbies will start on a $1k cable for sure!


Before ordering anything from Aliexpress, you should check the customs regulations in your own country.
Some products are not permitted to be imported into your home country.
A Swiss friend of mine told me that clones were banned there.
In Germany, only the trade in copies is prohibited.
Possession is permitted for personal use.

Other cables for an XLR that interested me were Neotech and Furutech 4.1 ncf with Furutech NFC connectors or ETI.

I’m currently using neotech nei-1002 with eti kryo which has been pretty nice, and just received nei-1001 which will replace the 1002. I’d been waffling over trying the 1001 for a couple years, so very excited to see how it performs.

I’ve also used nei-3001, 3004, the rectangular occ copper nemoi interconnect, and mixes of different types of their hookup wire (cu, ag, cu-ad, ag-gd).

Their Furutech 4.1 interconnect interests me, since I use DPS 4.1 and dss 4.1, but there are only so many interconnects one can use.

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I got an excellent deal on some Transparent Audio Ultra MM2s


I also use a DPS 4.1 power cable and a DSS 4.1 speaker cable. I made a different choice when choosing my XLR cable, but I like the das-4.1 too. It should have a great bass range and nice tones. Here the dealer ships very quickly and carries Furutech and Neotech. And a few more.

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Nice, I’ve stumbled across him on youtube, but never looked at his shop. Have you tried the Acoustic Revive power cables 8800 or 18000? Those seem interesting; not sure how they compare to dps 4.1.

I’m also interested in the Acoustic Revive The Oyaide Vondita also seems interesting. Maybe I write to him sometime. I haven’t asked about the cables yet. He also have Neotech. He can definitely say more about the individual cables and properties. Not many have the different brands like him. I bought a Furutech Lan NCF there and received it within 3 days at a fair price. Maybe the dealer is still interesting. When I upgrade to fiber optic I thought about a Teradak 212 as an alternative to the LHY. I was thinking of this as a cable for the Teradac


I also found success in the past ordering from Aliexpress. Beside the clones, I’ve run into some cables not trying to pretend to be something else and has it’s own branding. Sonicly they are really good, and not left me wanting more.

Generally a search with “silver” as keyword will return plenty of results.

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I switched from Audioquest Pike’s Peak DBS cables to all Nordost Heimdall II interconnects and speaker cables and am more than happy. FYI, Paul McG uses Audioquest, yet admitted that the DBS didn’t sound better in any way when connected with the batteries. I didn’t notice any difference while the batteries died over time. The Nordost were strikingly better.

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Between my BHK Preamp and M700 amps, I use Cardas Clear Reflection XLR interconnects, which are neither the most nor least expensive cables in the Cardas line. These cables provide excellent imaging, combined with smoothness and rich tonality. They do not result in listening fatigue and encourage me to enjoy the music rather than to deal with excessive brightness or an overemphasis on high-frequency gymnastics. I have a lot of respect for Cardas as a company, and I try to stay away from clones or counterfeits. I have resisted the urge to listen to hyper-expensive interconnects because I don’t want hear any cables that cost more than my current ones and that would tempt me to spend more than I can realistically afford.


Thanks people for all your comments. It has given me much to look into :thinking:


Some good value (price/performance) for your consideration:

Signal Cable - Talk to Frank, the proprietor

Better Cables - Jump to the top tier model

Anti-Cables - Consistently good up and down the product line

All of these vendors pride themselves on getting the basic specifications correct first, IME.

Have fun and please let us know where you land.

not connecting to any PSAudio stuff, but I’ve been happy with my Canare L-4E6S Balanced XLRs from Blue Jeans cables. Probably too inexpensive for the cognoscenti here.


Among the budget cables I have tried over the years, Anticables is the brand I can recommend. Their Level 3 power cord is especially good!

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