Audio Sensibility cables

Not sure why this company never came up on my radar, but based on the review linked below, and checking out their website, this company seems to offer great value with their factory direct pricing.

Does anyone have any experience with their products?

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Yes. I have their XLR Statement Silver IC’s, AC cables and power distribution block.
Great boutique company. Excellent build quality.

Thanks for the feedback. If I may ask, what cables have you compared them to?

Several actually, some not main stream stuff. Cardas, Moray James, Mogami, Blue Jeans, custom made diy’s, MIT, Straightwire, Nordost, some Chinese cables.

Thanks again. I talked to Steven the owner, and have a good feeling about the company. They offer a 100% trade up program if done within 6 months, then prorated there after. With their 30 day trial period I feel comfortable trying out some of their products.

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Thanks for this. I just ordered the Statement SE Silver XLRs and Statement speaker cables to try in my system. It’s a cost-effective way to try OCC cables.

edit: I currently have AQ Red River ICs and Belden 5T00UP speaker cables so it should be a step up.


I want their Signature speaker cables, but I’m now tapped with my budget due to all the Psaudio purchases! :flushed:

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Just placed an order for their Statement SE XLR’s and Testament power cord, which will be used on my new PS Audio preamp which I ordered and should receive some time next week.

Did you use the 12% off coupon? CLK2019_AS

I did. It made them very affordable.

Gotta ask; has anyone compared to Iconoclast?

I auditioned the middle of the line XLR ICONOCLAST, forget the name, a while back.
Just ordered the AS Statement SE XLR. I’ll share my thoughts when the cable is fully broken in, and has been in my system for a good length of time.

I’ve been using AS cables for a few months now, the Statement SE XLRs, Statement RCAs and Statement SE speaker cables, and his statement USB cable. I didn’t buy them all at once, but put them in one at a time., as money permitted, and each one made an upgrade difference. I didn’t know about Stevens trade up program, as good and as much as i like these cables, and they are, IMO very good, I’ve always had the curiosity as to how much better the AS Signature cables would sound, but buying another set and have these lying around was a no go, financially, but with the trade up program, it definitely is now possible.( although I think some of them are now past 6 months) I just have to decide as to which one first. I’m leaning towards speaker cable. Any thoughts?

Steven said if they’re over 6 months then he pro rates them, so still eligible for trading in.
I’m adding a preamp which is why I need a second pair of ic’s. But If I like the Statement SE XLRs over my current Supra ic’s, I’ll be in the market for another pair of Statement XLRs.
So if you still have them I might take them off your hands if you’re wanting to upgrade.

Thanks I"ve bookmarked them. I will try out their top end silver cable at some point to see if it really does eliminate the harshness I’ve had with some others. Always good to have another OCC source and their prices are very reasonable (in audiophile terms).

Any of you tried his power cables? I have a rather severe bend radius to deal with and it looks like his 13awg will just make it


I’ve had one for several years and it is pretty stiff by my standards. If you need really flexible that would be Triode Wire Labs or Audio Envy.

This is what I have.!/Impact-SE-Power-Cable/p/11455990/category=2595837

Received my Testament Power Cable and Statement SE XLR today. I opted for the 3 day burn-in on the cable cooker. Build quality is very good on both cables. I especially like how well the female plug for the power cord grips the power entry module of the equipment.

Too early to judge sound quality, but both cables sound very good for being barley broken-in.

The ic is very stiff and hard to orientate the XLR connectors. Probably should have ordered a meter instead of .7 meter length. It seems weird though, that after plugging in the female ends into the outputs of the preamp, that the male ends are orientated upside down in relation to the inputs on the amp. If they were the other way around, I wouldn’t have to twist the cable to plug them in, and it would be a lot easier. I noticed the same orientation on the connectors of Belden ICONOCLAST, which were also very stiff. I had to twist them to line up the XLR pins to the amp’s inputs.

The power cord is not very stiff at all and easy to deal with.

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Nice to hear your initial impressions. I have the Statement SE XLR as well, and have no issues with orientation being that they are 1.0 meter length. Looking forward to your sound impressions.

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Do you have the Statement SE, or Statement SE silver? Thought you mentioned earlier you had the SE silver.