BAV interconnects vs. others?

The question is for those who’ve had the chance to compare BAV ICs to others, and what your conclusions might have been.

I’m looking for feedback as I need an 18-20’ pair of XLRs from my phono preamp to my Pass XP20. I could buy a pair of BAVs, but buying something at such an oddball length and then finding out it’s not a good match, seems a bit risky. Over the years I’ve had cables from the likes of Audioquest, Tara Labs, Nordost, Kimber, AZ, PAD, yada yada in my system at one time or another, so I have a small idea of what they do to the sound of my system. I could try and find longer lengths of these on the used market, and feel like I’d maybe know what to expect, but going with a BAV pair would be a true shot in the dark. Do they compete with things in the +$1K category? Help appreciated.

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I’ve got a couple of sets of 25’ BAVs. The ICONOCLAST cables are way too stiff (and expensive at this length) for connecting my workbench to my preamp.

In the past I’ve used medium range AudioQuest cables and Mogami for this purpose, but the BAV has much of what I like about the ICONOCLAST cables. I can hear what I need to hear in my DS work with them, clean, clear, coherent.


Hey, thanks Ted!

I have a set of BAV XLR’s that are 32’ long that I plan on upgrading to the Iconoclast XLR’s sometime this year. I would sell them when the time comes if you are interested. They run between my XP-32 and XA160’s. You can try them out to see if they are to your liking and send them back if not. PM me if interested.

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That’s so kind of you, Vern! I’m afraid in my case the timing might be a bit late. I’m in the process of getting my newly updated listening room wrapped up over the next several days or week or so, and plan to have the TT up and running by then. I appreciate the offer! Who knows - if I don’t find anything I like by the time you’re ready, I may take you up on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries. If I can remember (yeah,right) I’ll send you a line or mention it here. The long BAV’s are a bargain for what they bring to the party. And Galen said they would be fine up to 50’ long.

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Tony- I have an 18 foot pair you can audition. Feel free to call Bob, or me at the shop, or send us an email to get it set up.