Directsteam DAC future upgrades and service

There are some great deals happening now with the DS Dac. With the new streamer likely coming out in the next year though I wonder if this means that the DS Dac moves to legacy status that might see no additional OS updates (a big plus for the DS Dac IMHO)? I’ve searched to see if there is any information on the future plans for updating/servicing these units without luck.

Anyone with insight as to where these are headed?

Many thanks.

The current Directstream Dac is on its final update Sunlight. It will not receive any more updates. The MKII version is coming soon if you want an upgradable unit you will have to wait for the MK II.


You’ve got some reading to do! :wink:


Thanks @paul172 this confirms what I was thinking. I would be surprised if PS Audio did not support the unit if it were to fail (the customer service is spectacular) but upgrades were in question. I’ll have to give it some thought. The DS Dac is a great unit but getting long in the tooth so no longer future proof.

I have no doubt PS Audio will support the Dac minus the updates. Like @vkennedy61 posted there is a mark II Dac thread and many including myself have modified our Directstream dacs. I’m a entry level modder. The are some including @vkennedy61 @Turbotk and @jkrichards are next level Dac modification artist!

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To be clear, I am a leech off of @Turbotk and @jkrichards. They are doing the heavy lifting.


I had to sell mine to help pay for the Cornwall IV’s. I’ll be looking near the end of the year (around November/December time frame), to repurchase a used DSSr.

I miss its sound. Made me not regret leaving Vinyl altogether.


I wait for the MKII to come out. After that I’m guessing there will be a few for sale. I would look for one that has jkrichard’s power card mod, and at least the x4400 transformer mod.

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