After market Bi wire jumpers for FR30's & 20's


I’m pretty sure this may have been addressed to some extent in these pages, but I can’t find it. I want to replace the stock jumpers provided by PSA for my FR-30’s. I’m thinking of the using the AQ Dragon jumpers. Does anyone have experience with these or opinions, suggestions? The cost of these may sound outlandish, but considering the costs of our hobby, if SQ is improved this may be a bargain! What are your thoughts? Regards

Hey Joe,

What are your speaker cables?

My jumpers are the Nordost Norse 2. Nordost Norse Series Bi-Wire Jumpers (set of 4) – Upscale Audio Got them a few years back and have been very happy with them. My speaker cables are Nordost 4 flat, so the jumper is of a higher grade. I thought I’d mention these in case you were interested in less expensive options. They are $210.

I used the stock jumpers for a week or 2 until my custom bi-wire cables arrived for the FR20. The length of the split at the speaker end is 12".

For the FR30, someone I know has 2 sets of speaker cables, one to the lower woofers of the FR30, and a seperate run of cables up high from the amp to the mid/tweeter connection

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Hi Joe,

If you are not familiar with Iconoclast cables you might take a look at the Iconoclast by Belden topic on this forum. We do indeed offer jumpers though as a rule we discourage mixing cable brands. Our jumpers are offered in custom lengths with the shortest being about 8" long and of course we offer spades and locking bananas. All connectors are “ultrasonically” welded.

A new review was posted yesterday on the website. It is a great review.


I have the FR30s and I currently biwire them with a different cable going to the bottom and to the top. Nordost Valhallas on the bottom and Crystal Cable Diamond Ref to the top both coming from the BHK300 - gives me my preferred sound.

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Someone i know does the same thing, but with Iconoclast speaker cables. Generation 1 to the woofers and Gen 2 to the mid/tweeter