After Market Power Cable and PST

A few days ago I replaced the PST courtesy cable with an after-market one and was surprised by the degree of improvement in the music playback. More vivid presence is the best way to summarize the difference. Before the replacement, vinyl playback was a clear favorite; now I’m not so sure – it’s that close. Curiously, the difference with cable replacement is much greater for the PST than with other devices in my system (e.g., DAC Jr., and phono pre-amp). I don’t know why that should be but I’m really enjoying the benefit!

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Very nice! What cable are you using on the PST? Mine just arrived yesterday.

And if the cable is new, you’d likely reap the benefits of burn-in over the coming weeks. If you think you’re impressed now, you might just be amazed in months to come.

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Wireworld Electra 7 Power Conditioning Cord. Enjoy your new transport!

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Thanks, Whoadie, I’m looking forward to that. You’re not the only one who has alluded to that burn-in benefit. Not sure if I’ll be able to separate real change as time goes on from my personal bias that looks favorably on what I bought, but nevertheless it’s something to at least anticipate!

I also found that placing my best power cord on the PST made the biggest difference.

This is also the advice that manufacturers like Synergistic Research recommend. Place your best cord on your source component.

I had a similar experience with my PST. Actually, all of my PS Audio gear, PST, DSD, P20 responded very well to improved power cables.

Even a modest update to stock cables will yield considerable results. While it may not be the same for everyone, my upgrade provided an electronic component-level improvement. Now even music that sounded mediocre a week ago has opened up tremendously. I’m eager to hear your feedback in times to come. Enjoy!

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