Power cable effectiveness

The last cable to be upgraded in my system is demonstrably the most effective: replaced AC5 with AC12 to my P5.
Doesn’t seem intuitively obvious to me but the sound quality from depth and texture of bass, right up is remarkable.

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Paul has been saying that ever since PS Audio invented the power cable and power regenerator product genres. Your best power cable gets connected to the wall socket.

Huh!! Seems the regen would take in the goop and make it all nice and neat on the outlet…

I exchanged PS Audio PC to synergistic research PC. Try it if you have a chance.

This makes sense, but even Piwer Plants are not perfect; they cannot remove everything. Thus, the better the input the better the output.

Gotcha. I guess I was expecting this to be the one time garbage-in gave creme brulee out.

thanks. Which one? I hope not the one that’s the price of a one year old Ducati Monster.

The PowerCell 12 UEF SE package.

No, the Power Plants do not address grounds.

just ordered a UEF,HC Black to replace an AC3.

This is the one I am currently using between the amp and powercell

With my P10 I found zero sonic difference between an Elrod Diamond MB X2 and an older Elrod Statement II power cord. Now, the older Statement is still some cord, so maybe this indicates that one needs a certain level of power cord performance and then you are set. On every single component the Diamond was a major improvement over the Statement…

Paul, a while back you had mentioned that there may be new PS Audio power cables in the pipe - any update? I am about ready to upgrade mine.

Me too! But sadly, no, not yet. Let me jog a few people. Thanks for the reminder.

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