After trial and error

I have been following threads in this forum for 2+ years now.

I started with a setup like
Roon -> DS Sr -> Anthem AVM 60 -> Emotiva x7 -> Definitive 8080 speakers

Ended up like this after reading and discussing with the brightest audio minds:
Roon (NUC) -> EtherRegen -> Optical Rendu -> (Curious USB) -> Matrix -> (IS2/WW platinum HDMI) -> DS Sr -> (Iconoclast coax) -> Anthem AVM 60 (pass through; no processing) -> Krell Chorus -> Revel speakers

Roon, OR, ER and Matrix powered by LPS.

SQ is really good… but still searching for next SQ improvement. This is an addiction… trying to stay sane! I need to stop coming to this forum… but I keep failing :frowning:

Thanks everyone for your contribution! (sarcastic obviously!)


Its too late! You passed the event horizon some time ago…

From a Robert Earl Keen song “The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never Ends” enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

Congrats - you have a really nice setup.

How close to your oR/DAC is your NUC? I used to have mine in the same rack as my streamer and DAC and was shocked to find that moving the server (NUC in your case) to a different room yielded better SQ.