Air Lens rear panel vs. that of the X-SPDIF2

I have every intention of auditioning the Air Lens in my system when it becomes available. Having said that, I’m somewhat concerned about its connectivity compared with my Matrix. In viewing the rear panel, I see that it seems to accept a USB A connector and the Matrix takes a USB B connector.

I’m bringing this us because I’d like to be able to continue using my somewhat pricey (to me) IN-AKUSTIK Reference High Speed USB 2.0 cable.

Please tell me if I’m missing something here.

The USB on the AL is only for firmware updates. The AL has only i2s and coax outputs


And only Ethernet RJ45 input.

You can find a dedicated thread on the forum, if you have a month to read all the posts since the paleolithic era to 5 minutes ago…


Or read the summary I wrote some time ago…


So if I’m understanding this correctly, a coax cable on the Air Lens would be taking the place of the USB cable on my Matrix?

I’m specifically trying to find out how the Air Lens would connect between my Roon Nucleus and my DSD.

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I started this thread because I don’t have said month to scour that thread for an answer to my question. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Ethernet I would think.

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I believe the only input to the AirLens is going to be Ethernet.

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The way my setup works now is that there’s a USB cable running from the Nucleus to the Matrix and then an I2S cable running from the Matrix into the DirectStream DAC.

I’m wondering how the input/output connections differ with the Air lens.

Here’s what it’ll have to look like:

Nucleus-> (Ethernet)-> AL → (i2s) → DS DAC

You don’t need the matrix


Exactly. No Matrix or any other DDC needed if you want to use I2S.

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I know the Air Lens would be taking the place of Matrix and performing the same function.

The Nucleus only has one ethernet connection and that goes to my router.

You’ll then need to hook up the AL to your Ethernet. You’ll probably have to do some sort of configuration on the AL so that you enable Roon on it. After that Roon will see the AL, you’ll need to follow the normal setup in Settings → Audio in Roon, and then you should be good to go.

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I remember @Paul saying in one of his videos that he had exactly the same setup I do (Nucleus, Matrix, DSD) and said that the Air Lens sounded much better in his system than the Matrix.

OK more specifically, here’s a picture.


Oh, I think I get it now. I would be connecting a second ethernet cable to the Air Lens.

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See my changed picture above. Better.

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Your illustration makes it all perfectly clear for this visual learner!

Thanks to all of you for your input. :+1:

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We’re here to help! One reason I like the is forum.

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To answer your question, then… the USB cable you are liking would be no longer needed/used with the AirLens in your system.

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