Air Lens 12S connection suddenly only recognized as USB connection

My Air Lens connects to either 12-s-1 or 12s-2 on my DirectStream MK II DAC via an Audioquest Thunderbird 48 HDMI cable. This has been working just fine. A couple of days ago I could not get any sound from the Air Lens until I selected the USB input on the DS, which is just weird. I have tried reboots. I have used both 12s inputs on the DS. But I can only get sound by selecting the USB input on the DS. Has anyone else had this happen? Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance, and best wishes for 2024 to everyone.

I haven’t had the problem. Have you tried a factory reset on the DSD MkII? Not sure if you will have to reload v3.1.0 after that or not, but it might get things back.

Good idea re doing a factory reset! Thanks.


The factory reset worked! I should have thought of it myself, thanks again.

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