AirLens i2S input for PCM / DSD

I have a question about AirLens i2S Output.

My dac is Ferrum Wandla which has i2S Input and I connect it with my Sonore UltraDigital (DDC coverts USB into i2S), it plays well (using HDMI i2S pin 16) with PCM or DSD source.

Now, I replaced the Sonore UltraDigital with AirLens, It plays DSD with no issue, however when the source changed to PCM (Dac shows as DSD 64) with no sound, and I need to change the HDMI i2S to Pin 13 for playing PCM, the problem is - it is no sound when the source isDSD, unless I adjust the i2S input back DSD to Pin 16.

Is it normal ?

I have a similar problem with the AirLens. My DENAFRIPS Pontus can’t do both DSD and PCM on the same pinout

How can you change pin use?

It’s programmable in the DAC

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I had similar issue with Red and MKII. Both worked but left right swapped. Get DSD right and PCM was wrong. But both did work.

OK I finally got solved … Choose the i2s pin = None, then turn the DIP Switch (bottom of the case) the 5th Pip to off (DOP) …