Perfectwave Dać MkII's L2s input

Hello everyone,
I recently bought an used PWD MkII for the reason of “want to try l2S input”, sadly, after trying with Pi2AES and Douk Audio both failed to connect via l2s input (all other inputs are fine), then someone suggested to get a Sonore UltraDigital (there is a pin setting inside), I have tried the settings of “6,7,8 off” and “7 off” as suggested but still can’t connect.
Anyone managed to get it done (not with PWT) ?

Your advice will be appreciated.

I wonder, Might be this will help.

Thank you. I think the data of PS audio are for DS and not PWD.
some one told me ultra digital should work, it came with All off except 7 pin setting, which does not work, and I also tried the 678 on sadly still failed.
I am now reading all 5xx posts from your link and see if I could find a solution.
Any successful PWT / ultra digital user, please let me know of your in pit setting inside the ultra digital.

I have contacted Sonore however it does not solve.