Airlens with DSD

Just got the AL. Now I don’t need my CD transport. AL sounds better, much better….one less component out of my system. Dynamics are extremely good with excellence in timber and musicality. Best streamer I have used by far.

Only one strange thing.

Using coax into my Chord Qutest. Qutest will play DSD 128 over coax using DOP. Setting for dip switches on AL for max dsd of 128 and DOP. However, I can’t get DSD 128 to the dac with AL, but it does stream native DSD 64? Very strange. No DSD 128. Roon is music server running ROCK on a NUC. Roon NUC connected in other room via RJ45 to AL.

Roon plays my DSD 64 files without any issues but converts all my DSD 128 to 64. Roon and my DAC show native DSD 64, no DOP is used in the transmission of the file.

Hi John. Great to hear you’re enjoying the AirLens. You might be the first AirLens customer to try DSD128 over coax :slight_smile:

I was able to get DSD64 going through the AirLen’s coax and it sounded great, but don’t have any DSD128 to play with as yet.

I expect if all the AirLen’s switches are set to up it should output DSD128 via coax.

Has anyone else tried DSD128 over the AirLen’s coax, such that you might help John with this one?

I put all the dip switches up and got native 128 DSD over coax to my Chord DAC along with 64 DSD. No DOP. Works great, very happy.

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