Airplay Solution For Strata?

Is there a PS Audio recommended add on to add Airplay capability to the Strata?

I had read that early beta editions of the Strata included Airplay support, but this was later dropped.

I am interested as well. I had to send my beta Strata in for service, due to arrive back home onTuesday. I specifically asked about that, and was told it will not have Airplay support now. A stop backwards IMHO. It was nice to have friends play the tunes from their devices. Strata sounds glorious but the streaming section has always been buggy. So much so that I am considering adding a streamer. Kind of defeats the purpose of “just add speakers”. All other competitors have Airplay support. My first PSA disappointment.

Sadly there isn’t any simple way to have Airplay work through the Strata’s onboard streamer. The easiest solution would be to add a separate streamer. Not a great work around but would at least allow for Airplay. If the streamer has digital out, it would sound great going into the Strata’s DAC.

Thanks James!

I suspected that might be my route and I was looking at an Audioengine B-Fi to add this functionality.

@gfuhrer I have a Strata with airplay capability for sale if you’re interested.

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I’m looking to possibly add the ifi Zen Streamer. Curious what others have done.

Thanks for the offer, @J_Scott, but I am still saving my money for this. :slight_smile: