Strata Airplay?

I own a Strata integrated. Nowhere on PS Audio does it state Airplay support. However, multiple users on this forum and elsewhere are reporting they use Airplay. My system does not show-up as an Airplay device. I’m posting here as I hope this info helps others.

Is Airplay actually supported on the Strata?

If yes… how do you turn it on? How do I get it working?

If no… thank you for your time.

(I have a number of Airplay devices in my home that work without issue. I don’t believe this is some kind of general network issue but an issue with the Strata; that is an issue if Airplay is supposed to be working)

The Strata doesn’t officially support airplay. The network portion of the device does has the ability to, but we never got it certified with Apple. The few that it does work on are earlier units where the code hasn’t turned that feature “Off.”

Thanks. That clarifies things. It also clarifies why my Strata is +.1 ahead of the downloadable firmware.

I will move forward on the path of “No Airplay”. I have an external streamer connected specifically for Airplay so I’m not missing it. Just yet another “box” hanging off the back of my “integrated” that I was trying to remove. Still sounds great though so I’ll keep rockin’ as they say (do they say that?)

Happy Independence Day PS Family!

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My early Strata does work with Airplay, and I’d like to keep it that way.

Could future firmware upgrades possibly tun that feature off?

I’m not certain about that. I think in order for it to be shut off, it would need to come back to the factory. I wouldn’t bet money on that though.