Strata and streaming services

I would like to add to the list of Strata’s streaming capabilities as featured on the website. The app supports Amazon music very seamlessly although the interface is antiquated. Currently the website description lists Tidal and Spotify. I was under the impression somehow that PS Audio couldn’t work out sme kind of agreement/software issue with Amazon. Or was that for the Airlens?
I do have a question perhaps for you insiders or Paul as to who supplies the streamer module/bridge in the Strata? Same as the DS bridge II?
Anyway I’m happy with the product. I only got it because I moved back to a FL condo and the friend I gave my Boston Acoustics speakers to when I left returned them to me. Otherwise I was thinking of getting powered speakers with built in streaming. After refoaming the woofers, the BA/PS Audio combo is pretty nice. My other system is SGCD and S300 with Node 2i and Mirage OM-5 speakers. Definitely same level of sound quality at both locations except for the obvious speaker difference. Not going down the upgrade rabbit hole anytime soon.