Airplay support in the PSAudio range?

Hi team,

I just wanted to check if there is any chance of Apple airplay support in the PSAudio range in future, perhaps via a firmware update? I have a PSAudio Direct Stream Junior running the latest firmware.

Whilst Spotify Connect is fine I am increasingly using airplay for other iOS apps like Audible/Podcasts which is available through my Sonos speakers in other parts of the house. To be honest the missus has started just playing music via the inferior Sonos speakers for weekday listening because it’s an easier and quicker experience that Spotify Connect which takes a while to open and connect to the selected device, airplay is snappy.

Welcome to the forum! If I recall correctly, Paul recently mentioned that one of the recent delays in the upcoming AirLens product release was receipt of Apple Airplay certification.

Paul just announced Airplay wont be included in the new Air Lens as Apple has a 52 week delay on the Air Play parts.

So the race is on! PS Audio AirLens Beta vs

:rocket: :rocket:

:violin: :violin:


Yes, sadly no Airplay with the PS gear. I was looking forward to the Airplay convenience in the AL but turns out Apple is never trivial to work with.

One does not work “with” Apple.


I believe the popular phrasing is:

“One does not simply work with Apple”.




My Auralic Aries has Apple Airplay. I use it to listen to sample tracks on octave and other multiple sites which is rare. That’s the only time I use it. I’d never use is for critical listening.