AirLens v2.6.2

Has anybody updated their AirLens with the v2.6.2 firmware ?

Not yet.

Has anyone found release notes? My AirLens is working great so I am hesitant to change anything.

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If you download the .zip file on the Support page you will find it contains three files: release notes, instructions and the image.bin file.

I gave it a try (0ver the air with Ethernet and with USB drive) and now have a status light blinking at medium speed. So I will be contacting PSA.

I also have an Auralic Aries G1.1 so I won’t be suffering in the meantime.

How does the Airlens compare to the G1.1 in sound quality? I have the same model AURALiC bought new. Rock solid since day one via WiFi. Just don’t know if I want to change out for the Airlens. Thanks.

Both are very good but the Airlens sounds richer and smoother and is my preferred option. Airlens runs ethernet over the power line to IS2; Aries uses Verizon FIOS WiFi to USB; both to DSD MkII (Massive Beta). Ran a quick A/B test once with my wife without telling her while streaming WFMT. She perked up from her laptop and asked what I had done and if I had added another speaker. Definitely liked it. The only issue I have had until the update problem has been the lack of a means for streaming BBC Radio 3’s HLS format using MConnect. I also appreciate the Aries app and the AirPlay capability.

By any chance do you also have the PST? If so I’d be interested in your opinion of the AirLens compared to the PST. We did that comparison at AXPONA and it seemed most agreed the PST sounded better. But that was an early AirLens. The release version is supposed to have had some improvements.

I do have the PST. I would say the PST is a touch better particularly with SACDs for DSD64. I continue to be appreciative of what the PST does with older CDs, eg, Isham “Vapor Drawings” on Windham Hill. But HiRes Qobuz (192/24) is very close. I could live with either one but prefer having both.

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Thanks. That tells me I made the right choice going for the (much more spendy! :hushed:) HiFi Rose RS130, as it might just be better than the PST.

is this a better sound update, or a functionality one , or both ? Thanks

it was easy to set up and update upon purchase, but now that it’s in the rack and connected, not so easy without removing it…

Last night I tried one more thing. I snapped all the DIP switches to OFF, power cycled the unit and tried again. Got the same continued ORANGE status LED flashes. Snapped all the switches to ON and power cycled the unit. Viola! GREEN connection! Works fine. A quick check of the version yielded 2 - 6 - 3 as expected with the update. I don’t really notice any functional or sonic changes in my ethernet connected set up. Perhaps I had a loose internal connection.

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If this process would work as expected to show the real firmware releases, it should result in 2-6-2-3.

2.6.2 for AirLens firmware and 3 for streamer firmware.

Yeah. Thought about that but the last time I complained to the powers that be I got tasked with creating and implementing the unit’s software configuration management and testing process. Soooo…

I just feel a bit confused about the Airlens firmware versions.

My understanding there are Main Firmware (2.6.2) and Streamer Firmware (v3), and how about the one showing in MConnect of ? (Got my Airlens today...Bummer - #16 by scotte1)

Does it mean there are totally three different firmware ?

I understand, there’s no one of PSA in the forum anymore, following such questions, or answering them. I think the strategy is, that each individual clarifies each individual experience and question separately with PSA (which probably keeps them quite busy in supporting).

We certainly can update us ourselves. I will do so as soon as I have answers to my topics.

my understanding is MConnect
does not update the AirLens…

Ah would that it could like Wiim Home with the Wiim Mini and Pro Plus!

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MConnect will update the firmware of the Convers Digital module that is the heart of the Airlens. There is also firmware for the PS Audio developed control functions. That must be updated direct from PS Audio.


It did the first time I connected the AirLens, but the latest update just came over the dip update process.

As mentioned above, the dip process unfortunately doesn’t identify the version exactly enough (just to the first minor release)

Ah the Flashing Orange of Death returned this morning. Swap to Auralic Aries G1.1 on USB. Too many pre-holiday tasks on tap to deal with this now.