AIX Records Blue Ray Audio recordings

My question has anyone listened to Mark Waldreps work recording too BlueRay Audio ? I’m curious how this format would compare to the very best recorded CDs ,.My Direct Stream Memory Player is a week old , well it’s been in my possession for a week and I can’t get over how well my favourite music sounds played through it .

CDs make up the bulk of my digital collection which also include only a handful of SACDs which I never really cared much for, however down the road that may change,.maybe.

Yarlung Records which I’m a fan of is another small outfit headed up by Bob Attiyeh recording engineer totally dedicated to par excellence of live recordings offering reel to reel , CDs , vinyl and so called HI-Res downloads of his work .


Be aware that playing BDs on the DMP can be a bit of a challenge depending on how the discs are authored. Many BDs rely on a video menu to navigate the various programs on the disc. While the DMP offers rudimentary group navigation, it is simply not possible to play some BluRay discs. Other BDs with single programs or a simplified structure play very nicely on the DMP (and typically sound wonderful!). I don’t know into which group the offerings from AIX fall or if the entire product line shares similar authoring.

I don’t mean to discourage you from trying the AIX discs, but I might suggest you limit your purchases until you verify that the DMP likes them. Furthermore, it’s possible the way the DMP handles BDs may change (presumably it will improve) as new firmware releases appear.

Have fun and good listening!


I have heard some of his samplers, played on my old Oppo 83se. I have also heard some of the blues guy Albert Lee, the recording was very good. But I think it defaults to surround tracks, either audience or being in the middle. You could email Waldrep and find out what the default is.

I have no idea what the DMP does with surround, Oppo will default to two channel.