AudioStream review of DirectStream Memory Player

AudioStream, Stereophile’s website focused on digital audio, has put up its review of the DirectStream Memory Player.

Very complimentary. Some examples:

PS Audio was quite proud of the Memory Player’s ability to bring out the best sound from a CD and I found this to be truly an understatement!

The DirectStream Memory Player brought back to life my large SACD collection with what I found to be first-class sound.

I also found the mechanical functions of the Memory Player to be flawless.


Not sure what was meant by “mechanical functions” exactly.

Make a comment to the review and ask. Often the reviewer will respond.

badbeef said Not sure what was meant by "mechanical functions" exactly.
Yeah, I made sure to throw that one in, because, well . . . beta testers!

Elk - yeah, I’d thought about that, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to open that can of worms.

pr - That stuck out to me at the end of the review (which I had read prior). Is he managing to carefully leave out “touchscreen functionality” by not including it in “mechanical functions”?

I had several questions about this review, most of which would be familiar to denizens of this forum. He nailed the sound quality – I’m pleased about that for Paul & Co. since it’s well deserved. Enough said until the next firmware release. Meanwhile, he can enjoy a unit that works flawlessly . . . .

The review says the following formats are supported:

  • Plays FLAC, APE, WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC, DTS, AC3, WAV, DSF, MKA, PCM, OGG, from discs or USB input
Does DVD-Audio count in one of those formats?

What about Pure Audio blu-rays?

I always thought this was a universal music player

Doggie - it turns out to be somewhat less universal than a player with a monitor attached. The DVD-A format (as with most DVD formats) is a container for different types of files, and can have many and varied file structures which have/require video monitor-based menu navigation.

You can take the audio files from one of these discs and burn them to a standard DVD-ROM disc in order to extract them from the menu structure the DMP can’t navigate - then they play fine.

The handful of Pure Audio Blu-ray discs I have play very well.

None of the approx 30 Bluray audio (including pure audio types) or DVD-A discs have proved fully functional on my DMP. Some do not load at all. Some you have to start out on track 1 and not touch it from there if you want the rest to play. Functionality is the issue. Sound is excellent.

I have others that don’t function, but Pure Audio are made to function without a video screen menu and do function in the DMP.

lonson said I have others that don't function, but Pure Audio are made to function without a video screen menu and do function in the DMP.
Perhaps your DMP, but clearly not everyone's.

Well I’m not alone, others have reported this on the forum. Sorry they are not working on yours.

lonson said Well I'm not alone, others have reported this on the forum.
What I have seen is very few saying that some Bluray discs will play if you leave them go from track 1. I have not seen those, if any, who have reported they are fully functional (which I would define as being able to navigate tracks without issue).

Okay, I’m not going to do a search but I recollect that. Pure Audio are the only Blu-rays that I can navigate to a track I desire to play.

99 percent of the time I play any format I put in a disc and press play and listen to the entire disc so I’m not troubled by other functionality issues as much as others.

JM, let’s please not go through this again.

As you know, Lonson is describing the operation of Pure Audio Blu-ray discs. Pure Audio Blu-ray discs are authored for screenless navigation, following AES’ directive. They are wonderfully simple to navigate (they work just like a CD).

“Pure Audio” discs are distinct from “High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray” which is what you are playing. High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray discs are totally different, remain menu based, rely on chapters, and can be a problem when played by the DMP. We all know and agree High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray discs may or may not work.

On the other hand, Pure Audio discs work wonderfully well, precisely as designed. All who have tried a Pure Audio disc have reported it works fine.

Please stop claiming Pure Audio discs do not work when you are in reality describing the operation of certain High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray discs you have tried. This is apples and oranges.

(For anyone interested, probably no one :slight_smile: , the original discussion is here.)

Could someone share a link to the “Pure Audio” discs, the ones I see are the HF ones, interested in trying some

Same thought I had Elk, let’s not go through this again.

Hate to have to repeat my own beta findings repeatedly as well, particularly since the details were deleted and I have to dig up the discs to specify them again. As noted previously, I have Pure Audio discs and they have not worked. I have noted them previously, 2 separate LSO Live discs, as well as Sono Luminus’s Ying Quartet and Ensemble Galilee. I know the difference between the HFPA discs also. While you often provide insightful and helpful info, unless I am mistaken, you weren’t a beta tester and did not run the DMP through its paces.

I’m sure no one on this forum appreciates being told that their facts are alternative facts.