Should I buy the DMP?

I have been agonizing over whether I should take the plunge, what with the reduced pricing.
I recognize that the DMP will be discontinued because of the discontinuance of the Oppo player, and that both the DMP and the Directstream Sr. (which I have had for four years and love, especially with Snowmass) will also be going and will be replaced with the super TTT, which will also be super priced.
I am unlikely to spend the money on these latter devices, but wonder whether, in view of the problems that are illustrated on this forum, I should take the plunge for the DMP.
PS: I haven’t been playing CDs lots, but when I do, I use my Oppo 103…will I hear a remarkable difference?
Thanks in advance.

With a 30 day return policy,why not? Also,the DS is is not being replaced with Teds new dac,only supplemented with an all out assault on a sota dac.
A new DS 2 is on the horizon when Ted gets the time to build it. Also, Paul plans on a sota redbook DMP replacement [no sacd] for late 2019 I believe.

At $3999, absolutely. I have the DSD and DMP and with Snowmass and 3.10 on the DMP, this combo has never sounded better. Despite all the issues with the operating software on the DMP, sound quality has never been an issue. And, with 3.10, the functionality is dramatically improved and the DMP is operating in a state I would consider normal - finally.

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I use a DMP and I also have a 0PP0 103 – the DMP musically is much better than the 103. CDs sound incredibly musical played on the DMP.


I love mine, and I’ve only had a few minor issues. My primary source before the DMP was my Bryston BDP-2. I now only use the Bryston for HiRes downloads and I honestly can’t remember the last time I powered it up. I love looking through my CD collection and grabbing discs to spin each evening. The DS/DMP combo makes good CD’s and SACD’s sound like magic.

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Should you? Yes.

In my opinion, no. Put the $ towards a streamer that will replace the shiny discs. I still buy discs from time to time but immediately rip them using Exact Audio Copy and put them on a shelf.

I would take the money and get a serious streamer. If you can rip SACDs, all the better.

Your comment ‘I haven’t been playing cds lots’ suggests you either generally play music via other mediums or don’t have many cds, or both.
You don’t mention sacds.
I’d say spend your money elsewhere.

I certainly appreciate the time everyone’s taken to respond as well as the opinions expressed.
I do stream through the Oppo, using TIDAL primarily, although I am also fond of vinyl and have a VPI TNT Jr. which I love.
I guess it all comes down to time…I’m mostly retired, and my time seems to go so quickly because of all of the pastimes I have. Including teaching myself the guitar and practicing, as well as reading and using my portable media…I have an Astell and Kern Ultima 1000M DAP, which I use with various headphones…I never seem to have the time to play CDs…so when the upgrade to Snowmass came, I was back to the Directstream, not only as a device through which I channel the TV and streaming, but now, with CDs, again…and I was mightily impressed with the “new” sound.
So when the price reduction on the DMP came along, it really seemed an opportunity to acquire, yes, another shiny box, but also the player that I’ve been looking at now for some time, anyway.
So that’s the background…and although it looks like I’m asking for psychiatric help, I’m not really…it’s probably just the chronic audiophile disease of “…that one more shiny thing…”

Oh, yes…I have many many CDs and SACDs acquired over the years, including complete sets of the RCA Living Stereo SACDs as well as the Dylan SACD set.

If your Oppo is a 103 or 105 you can rip your SACDs to WAV/FLAC. If you need another audio distraction. :wink:

We’re all looking for psychiatric help for this disease but we continue to ask our fellow inmates for suggestions to further it.


I bought a DMP a couple years ago. I’ve never had a problem and I’ve never had a regret. I have hundreds of cd’s and I use it every day. It sounds glorious.


I too have the DMP DSD combo and have never regretted spending my hard earned cash on the purchase. Since I already had two racks worth of CDs it just made sense to get the most out of the music I already own. And it sure does. End game for me. I do also steam and play hi-res files from a NAS, but sound quality does not compete with DMP DSD. Quite the thrill listening to a CD I have played numerous times, and really hearing it for the first time.


Thanks, everyone: I just ordered it!
My reasoning is that I’ve enjoyed the DirectStream for several years, and that this “companion piece” will only enhance my enjoyment, whenever I do decide to use it. And, if it’s as glorious as some of you have said, as has the brand new review of both pieces on the “Dagogo” site (see the “Daily Audiophile” site), then I look forward to enjoying both pieces with extra relish, so to speak.
Thanks, again.


Congrats carl99! Please report back with your impressions.

FWIW, my PS Audio journey started with the DSJr and a refurbished PWT. I put on Dark Side of the Moon CD and e-v-er-y-t-h-i-n-g c-h-a-n-g-e-d. Everything changed and there was no going back. My wife was also so impressed; she asked my why didn’t I get Sr and the new DMP? How’s that for WAF! So now it’s BHK amp and pre along with DSSr and DMP.

I would never presume to tell anyone what they should or should not purchase. But having total bliss in my listening room with the discs I have owned for years is the gift that just keeps on giving.


Sounds great, chuck!
I’ll let you…all of you…know.

“Total bliss in my living room…” Wonderful!

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The DMP smokes anything else I have tried, by a mile. The Bridge II with latest firrmware and Roon isn’t even close. IMO of coarse.


I’m back to spinning discs unless I’m not doing serious listening, then I use Roon / Bridge II. Come on PS Audio, get us the server with DMP playback quality…:grinning:

Very positive things said in the DAGOGO review (RE: DMP & DSD) — a rave really…thanks for the reference.