AL Connection Without WPS

The room for my headphone system is not LAN wired and our router doesn’t do WPS, is there any other way to connect ?


I am using an old Apple router (Airport Extreme) in bridge mode and plugged the AirLens into ethernet. Other WiFi extenders will work if they provide an ethernet connection.

My FiOS router has WPS but I could not get it to work.

Good luck!

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I’ll look into that, thanks

Back when I was beta testing the airlens I brought this to PSAudio’s attention. I worked with them to try to connect the Airlens to my network through an alternate means that they had, but could not get it to work.

I hope that by now, they have perfected the process of connecting the Airlens to networks that don’t support WPS. I recommend you call their support line to see if they can walk you through the process.

Best of luck.

I asked them about that today but haven’t got a reply yet, but the manual still mentions only WPS.

Anyone tried this ?

Decided to try this adapter as nothing else I tried worked, happy to report it connected quickly once set up was complete. For set up you need a computer with a LAN port so I couldn’t use my laptop. $50 on Amazon

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How did this work out? I want to use WiFi but use eeros which don’t support WPS

Great, without it I probably would have had to return my AirLens. Same with me our mesh router doesn’t have WPS, guess it’s not super secure so not being used on some routers.

I did have one event for a few hours where I lost connection but don’t think it was the iogear, did not require set up again, and has been fine since.

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Excellent, I’m going to order one.

Did you hear a SW difference with WiFi vs Ethernet?

BTW the iogear site says not intended for use with mesh routers but doesn’t say why.

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Using the AirLens with my headphones system in my bedroom which is not hard wired so can’t say. Have a second one on my main speaker system but the gear is all different.

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Whatever as long as it works. I’m guessing it won’t be that big of a difference since its all reclocked at the end anyway