Album art, Roon, and DSD - Sometimes appears, sometimes doesn't

Some background: So far DSD is basically p/n/p compared to DS Jr.

I have a 32GB SD card in the slot of my Direct Stream DAC and the DAC is connected to and “certified” by my Roon core.

The issue:

Initially album art from Tidal albums (not just picking from a song list, which shouldn’t matter, but I’m trying to narrow this down AMAP) appeared “right away” - like within 4-5 seconds. After a few hours, it started taking 9-10 seconds, then 20-30 seconds, and now some songs and even whole albums will make it all the way through without the album art ever appearing. All albums indeed have art available at least based on my PC and tablet screens. The current example is Van Halen “Van Halen” (Tidal Masters) which is on Song #6 and no art has yet loaded.

Is there anything I should know about the type of SD card necessary, how much space there should be, a menu of some kind or how to check that the DSD is doing what it’s supposed to be doing with regard to setting up a directory on the SD card and storing or doing whatever it does with album art?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Update on this: Finally about 14 seconds into “On Fire” which I think is the 11th and last track in the album, the art finally appeared. On 4-5 previous entire albums which are admittedly shorter, 5-8 songs and total length of 45-50 min, no art ever appeared.

This is probably not an issue of my Internet or Intranet speed (intranet has nothing else going on) - so I bet it’s Tidal and Roon being inconsistent in the way they serve up this art - however, it would seem like it shouldn’t happen because again, the art is present on my tablet and PC screen the entire time. But maybe they’re served differently.

What Bridge firmware are you on?