New Sprout100 owner - matching speakers?

Hi – this is my first post. Last week my Sprout100 arrived. The size, looks and favorable reviews were the selling points for me. Now I’m looking for the matching speakers: the Sprout will be our summerhouse (smallish room) so I’m not looking for anything too expensive. Bookshelf, of course. Sprout and Fyne 301? or Wharfdale Diamond 11.2? No retailer in my town sells Elac as far as I know. Has anyone listened to Sprout and Do Acoustics Macrocosmo Impact? They are on the expensive side but small and fine looking speakers.

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Howdy Nilsed!

So it sounds like you’re shopping for bookshelf speakers locally, right?

If so, maybe a good way to go would be to take your Sprout100 with you to the shop and see if they’ll let you test it on a couple speakers :grin:

What’s your budget for the speakers? That info will help folks make recommendations.

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Welcome! ELACs are available online and probably from sellers that would let you return them if you don’t like them.

I was patiently waiting for Paul to finish the Sprout speakers, as I think they will be very good and matched for the Sprout. But I couldn’t wait and got a pair of Martin Logan Motion 35XT’s (about $1200/pr). Same basic design as the upcoming Sprout speakers (6 1/2" woofer, largish AMT tweeter). They are AMAZING sounding speakers. Needs a sub (or two) for full bass, although they are no slouch alone. ML makes a smaller speaker, with AMT tweeter, in the motion 15 for about half the price. I listened to a bunch of speakers before settling on the ML’s (ELAC, Monitor, SVS, Sonus Faber, etc) and found the ML’s were just so solid and transparent.

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I use the S400

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Those Buchardt S400’s are really nice.

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Thanks for all the good feedback. The Burchardts look nice but they will stretch the budget too much. Same for the ML 35XT. 1000 Euros/1100 USD is the limit (Fyne and Whrafdale are much cheaper). Yes, taking the Sprout100 to the local dealer is certainly part of the plan, but I want to have a few good ideas about possible matches when I do that.

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Wharfedale is definitely worth checking out, and I would also recommend Kef and Monitor Audio as well. I haven’t heard Fyne, though they do look like nice speakers.

Your on the right track Warfedale or Elac model of your choice. Both available online at a good price and you’ll possibly have $$ left for something else. What will you sourcing from ?

Hi, I’m a new guy here too. I’ve been playing my Elac unifi UB5s and my Sonus Faber Venere 1.5s on the Sprout100 for about 2 months now and I REALLY enjoy the SF Venere speakers on the Sprout. I think they warm it up a bit to offset what others have said; the sprout can be a little cold sounding. The Sprout saved me from selling my beloved SF Venere’s. The Elac UB5s; while they push a bit more highs and the soundstage is great, I always find myself tired of them after a day or two. You can usually find a used paid of SF Venere’s for 700 to 800. I purchased mine for 1200 new back in 2013. Best of luck!

Oh, I also added a sub. Fantastic setup!

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I think these would pair with a Sprout100 very nicely. I’m enjoying them driven by M700 in a 14’x17’x8’ small space and they are pretty good performers.

A nice dose of excitement and dynamics without being tiring. Woofer takes a good 100 hours to loosen up.

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A number of Sprout users have KEF LS50’s. Great speakers.


Count Terri and I among them. Our setup is a Sprout 100 with KEF LS50 and a REL sub. We use KEF stands as well.


There was a thread in which Schroedster referred to some used loudspeakers. I can’t find the thread. But there was a set of Rogers LS7 Vintage Bookshelf Speakers; Walnut Pair w / Target Stands for sale for 500 dollars

Lots of great suggestions and right now not enough time to audition new speakers. SF Venere sounds tempting; I have had a few Sonus Faber speakers through the years and enjoyed them enormously. KEF’s BBC-monitors are on my list, but a bit over budget (I think right now). Of course, Paul’s recommendation carries a lot of weight. So, I’ll report back when I have done some serious listening.

My daughter has KEF Q-150’s driven by sprout if you can’t swing the LS this is in her dorm room so a small space, they sound really, really good with sprout doing its thing…

She brought the sprout home for a weekend I tried my Focal Chourus 700 series that I use in my office and which are normally driven by tubes. The sound with the sprout was a bit “bright”


I agree that the Sprout is a tad bright, but I like it that way. And it’s not deal breaker bright. I would say its “lively” sounding.
I would mention that the ELAC UBI5’s sound nice with the Sprout as well. If the Martin Logan 35XT’s are too costly, take a gander at their Motion 15 bookshelf model. Really nice AMT tweeter in them. Needs a sub tho.
(I should be careful…someone on youtube told me that Paul doesn’t like Martin Logan speakers. I have never heard him say that tho)

No need to be careful - Paul doesn’t really care for ML speakers, but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad recommendation.

Different speakers exist because people have different tastes, nothing wrong with that :grin:

Yep, tastes do vary amongst us all, it’s a good thing. I’d be curious what he doesn’t like about them (I’m talking about the non-electrostatic speakers with the AMT tweeters here. I’m not a huge fan of the ML electro’s either, but their AMT driven “Motion” series are quite good, I think).

And…Paul…I would be driving Sprout speakers with my Sprout100 right now…if… :slight_smile: