Am I going blind

My amp arrived 3 days ago and its getting better each time I switch it on, I have used the TELLUIUM Q cable and system disc to push the break in period so its moving along a little more quicker than just playing music . Now I am not going to review how good the amp is because its all been said before and its still early days for me , if you are looking to buy a new amp in this price range and above this amp should be on your list of amps to look at and IMO it should be at the top of your list.

Now getting back to what I wanted to post here ( Am I going blind ) I have search high and low on this amp for a serial number so that I can register for warranty and I can not see it any where nothing on the front and nothing on the back where I would expect to find the serial number can some one who has a BHK250 guide me in the right direction to where I should look .

Do your ears a favour buy this amp.happy-132_gif

Thanks and I couldn’t agree more - not just 'cause I like selling amps, but because without question, this is the finest sounding power amplifier I have ever heard - ever -

The serial number is on the lower right side of the back of the amplifier, as you face the rear panel, below the fuse and above the trashcan and CE symbols.


Thank you for that photo of amp to show me where to look Paul but it was not there then I remembered when I was un-packing that there was a sticker at the bottom of the ctn which I thought nothing about at the time and sure enough there it was it must have some how come off when being packed for shipping or when I un-packed , so now I have stuck it back on where it should be and putting that little sticker back on made it sound all that much better it must be one of those hidden tweeks that you have not told us about21_gif.

4 days in and sounding wonderful so relaxing , depth has changed so much that now its projecting so much further behind and in front, speakers have disappeared , when tracks finish the decay of the last notes carry on longer with more clarity and theres some thing about the bass its sounds so much better than I was use to before the BHK its changing all the time for the better cant describe its so different its all good but cant put it in to words .

Disclaimer for the above mention of tweek just in case anyone thought it was real just jokingmusic-078_gif

Ok, that makes more sense. I am soooooo delighted the BHK is doing what I know it can do. Happy listening!