Preamp signed number and sw version

Hi All,

I received a signed BHK pre today. Sounds fantastic cold via the headphone amp! I’m excited for it to warm up and improve further but very satisfied straight away.

I have a couple questions, my unit came with (JakeBlues), is this still the current sw? I know the sw doesn’t do much but house keeping, display, etc. just curious.

2nd, I thought poor Bascom only signed the first 50 units? My unit has a serial number in the low 200s. Where did the serial #s begin? 200? or did he sign far more than 50?

My PS Audio history. In the late 90s I bought a Ultimate Outlet that I still use, then a few months ago, I bought the GCD and S300. I like these so much, I evaluated a DS Jr. and bought a Sr. a few weeks later. Then replaced the GCD and S300 with BHK Pre and M700 pair. It’s been fun learning and listening. I think I have a good basis now to play with cables, tubes, etc. to satisfy my inner tweaker but the platform will remain as is for a very long time.



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Excellent! Congrats on ownership of such a wonderful piece. Bascom still signs a few BHKs when customers work through our sales people directly and ask real nice like. :slight_smile:

Jakes Blues is the latest.

Keep us informed as to your progress as it opens up and burns in.

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Two months on, its only getting better. I liked the stock tubes but switched to the Upscale BHK Select - Tungsram PCC88 recently and I like them for most things but any harsh upper frequencies in the mix/mastering or compression is brought to the front. The stock tubes rarely glare and I see why you all chose them to ship the unit. Smack dab middle of the road.

I continue to be impressed by the headphone section. I know you don’t care for phones but my 20 year old Senn HD580 have never sounded better. And its driving 40’ ft of unbalanced cable extension!

I’m glad Scott (?) insisted on the HP amp. I have the option to use phones anytime but speakers only a couple 3 days a week, so its very important to me and I think an underrated feature of this very fine preamp.

I’m happy to be so fortunate to enjoy the design of Mr. King and the execution et al of Mr. Stadtherr and the entire PSA team.

Thank you