Finally: the BHK 250 found his place in my system!

It took me almost 20 years to buy me a new poweramp. I thought that - while having a decent power amp, all attention should go to saving for a transport, a DAC, cables and if at all possible a power regenerator. I was really happy with me gear until 2-3 years ago I read on this forum about the BHK250. I followed the forum, and all the reviews and after saving enough I got me this beast, together with some balanced cables. This weekend I was overwhelmed with the results I got. This was a major upgrade that wasn’t expected. When going over from PWDAC to DSDDAC the results were nice, but this is amazing! It proves to me that apart from all the front gear; the power amp is KING! Big thanks to all in the Forum.


Congrats on the purchase! I’ve been enjoying my BHK250 since the beta test. It’s a great amp and people often under-appreciate how important having a good amp is. That said, where you will get the biggest bang for the buck depends on where you are coming from. My BHK Pre also made a big difference, and I had a good pre-amp before it.

I still have an Aragon 8008, but after 20 years it’s ready for the closet. Really I am blown away what a difference this amp makes. I am using it with a Krell222 preamp and the PWT-DSDDAC and now even play records again!