Amazon Music Unlimited --> Bridge-II

OK I’m most likely a dumb a$$ here. Can Amazon Music Unlimited be streamed to my DSD w/Bridge-II directly via wire?

I don’t know of a way to do that other than with a server that has Amazon music available. I did a quick search and no one seems to have yet added it.

Not via Bridge II but the Bluesound Node 2i supports Amazon Music and even Alexa.

Can use it’s TOSlink output to the DS.

If you use Roon it might be worth putting in a request for this in their forums here.

Unfortunately, I know of no way at this point.

I use a Chromecast (video) for AMU in my modest home theater room via an HDMI port on my AVR.

I never liked the Chromecast Audio’s sound (must have been loaded with jitter) but the video Chromecast devices actually sound better in my opinion.