Amused To Death DSD vs 24/192 PCM

This is such a masterpiece that I just have to inquire. I suspect that there isn’t much difference between the two formats, but I just had to ask!

I don’t have a very high regard for HD tracks

but some of there stuff is good. An example is Elton tumbleweed conn. I own this album Ina few forms


sacd that I own and ripped

a dsd download and pcm download from Hd tracks the dsd is real and sounds like that sacd rip

now some bad I own a few forms of cat Stevens tea album all

of then stink from them but I also own a sacd and a dsd download from chad of acoustic sounds

funny thing is my sacd and my dsd download both have digital studder in the SAMe places Ina few songs but my vinyl amd cd do not go figure.

Sorry for my constant un proofed posts . One would think I would look by now.


Al, you have outdone yourself with this one.