An A/V Processor with Spotify ... Or Tidal.?

My A/V Processor has a Spotify Logo on its front panel.
I assume that it have a Spotify build in ability.
When using an iPhone with Spotify App connected to the same home wifi , It seems that the A/V Processor is the Spotify source ( When connected to the Internet ) ?

Or the Spotify iOS App on iPhone is the source ?

Today I’m using only Tidal with the A/V Processor via Apple Airplay 2 and the iPhone is the source.

from what I know ,

  1. the streaming is Digital so no lossless sound will be …
  2. Tidal is uncompressed sound and Spotify is compressed.
    or not …
    So what’s the conclusion ? What to choose for better sound ?
    Any Basic explanation will be appreciated.


A spotify logo most likely will stand for “Spotify Connect”, which means that your A/V Processor will do the connection to the Spotify streaming service. Your iPhone will only be the remote control. This does not change the fact that Spotify is compressed and Tidal is uncompressed. But don’t get too much distracted by this fact. Just listen what John Darko has to say about streaming services: A hi-fi for your Spotify?

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You’re welcome. So simply chose what you like more. Don’t get distracted by other people’s opinion. Use whatever gives you more pleasure.

PS ;
Is all Ethernet cables can be use for Data and Audio ?
Also, I need 50ft length of cable to use my Spotify streaming, (From switch to A/V Processor. Is wifi better than Ethernet in this length ? (Connected to High end A/V Processor. Thanks


Ethernet is a protocol that only transmits digital data (0 and 1). But audio signals can be packed into digital format. This is what streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal are doing. Your A/V Processor receives audio signals in form of digital data through the ethernet connection from the streaming service and its internal DAC does the conversion from digital to analog (DAC = Digital to Analog Converter).

The ethernet protocol does support different transport methods. This can be in form of a cable or wireless (WiFi). Take whatever is more convenient for you. As long as the connection is stable and the A/V Processor is receiving data, there will be no difference in sound quality. The A/V Processor is receiving pure digital data. There is no degredation in audio quality, depending on the ethernet connection. It works or it does not (yes, some people will now start to argue about potential electrical noise, but at this point, you can totally ignore them… and this includes me :wink:).


Thanks very much indeed.
So no name Ethernet cable from Amazon Cat 7 will be fine ?

Yep. Totally fine. Could be even Cat 6 for 50ft.


After `audio tests , Spotify VR Tidal , No major difference , Spotify at half monthly price.