An audio outcome problem

I hope others may benefit from this one. I use a Yam Aventage to create DSP features that allow my family to enjoy concerts in 5.1 sound. I move from chamber to Vienna hall according to the piece and venue seen in the video for example. Due to financial resources and space limitations, my 2 channel audio is inside my 5.1, with front preamps going to a nice solid state amp. The problem I want to solve is how to avoid consumer grade DAC when enjoying 2 channel, while still being able to switch DSP settings to enhance movie and music video.
I’d be happy to use DAC or nice preamp if I can also use 5.1/DSP features in some way

Which Yamaha Aventage do you have. I had a RX-A3010. Using an Anthem MRX AVR for my surround/ multi channel Flac files.

HT bypass would resolve this if you added a Preamp or DAC with this feature. The Stellar Gain has HT bypass. My W4S DAC and preamp both have it.

Thank you for the reply. I don’t believe HT bypass helps here. I’m learning so I don’t yet know if these features are both in/must be in, a single chip(DAC & DSP). If we forget about my system…
What components can provide both a high quality DAC and 5.1 decoding with delay features (adjusting listening venue to match, say, a concert hall)?
Love the DSP features in my Aventage, not so much the DAC(burr brown). I do have a high quality DAC elsewhere in house, but if used, lose the DSP features.

Check out the Anthem Pre/Pros:

They don’t do the acoustic environments tricks, but are great for a combined 5/7.1 or 2 and 2.0/2.1 or 2 system. I run with an AVM 50v 2 and the DS Sr…


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I’m using an Anthem MRX 720 AVR receiver. They list for around $2500 MSRP. You could find one for less.

I employ HT bypass via my preamp, W4S STP-se Stage 2. I am using a W4S DAC-2v2se (10th). Seems to me, HT Bypass sounds like what you need. You might want to take a look a the manuals below which address HT Bypass.

I have a separate preamp after my AV processor. My DAC and my AV processor are two separate inputs to the pre. I use a unity setting in the external pre for the AV stuff and control the AV normally, to listen to my DAC I select the other channel on the pre and control the volume with the DAC or the Pre. I actually use a multichannel preamp, but you can do this with just your front left and front right from the AV processor and your DAC… That way my DAC has a quality path to the speakers but the AV works just like it did without the extra pre and DAC.

Thanks for the input. It took me a bit to see the architecture, but yes, this will work in my case! AV front channel Pre-out RCAs into RCA inputs on DAC (it’s also a pre-amp). Now I can finally use balanced xlr from DAC straight to my two channel amp! Use this “post” pre-amp for controlling volume when playing DAC(non AV) sources. Most important to me was enabling hifi PCM and DSD coming from the DAC pre-amp, directly into the 2 channel amp, without robbing the AV DSP features for family/movies.