An electrician Christmas tale

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An electrician Christmas tale

‘Twas a four bender day and all through the site

The tradesmen were saying this sh*t just ain’t right

The GC was missing with answers untold

The designer was brain dead with fists full of gold

When over in the hallway arose such a clatter

We all turned and saw the plumber fall from a ladder

Though the conduit was hung from the ceiling with care

The sprinkler guy decided it didn’t go there

He wrenched it away and made his last fit

Leaving our work like some absolute sh*t

But on with the day went my partner and I

“Boss sharpen your pencil, we’ll show these guys”

On extras, on change orders, we’ll wait while you sign

When all’s said and done the last laugh is mine

We’re paid by the hour, our job we’ll complete

And the inspector will smile cause our work is so neat


That would be me (maybe not fists full of gold…). That’s a high-leg service there. Always cause me headaches.

My dad was a lineman and his Christmas carol usually consisted of “Power’s out. Off to work! Damn.”

I worked for Florida Power and Lightn Company in southern FL while in college, made it to lineman rank. Nearly killed by a collapsing boom; but, I did not have to endure winter ice and cold. Where did your pops climb?

Chicago. Much of my youth was defined by learning to lie to ComEd because the first call, dad could beg off. The second call was a force. “Hello, this is Commonwealth Edison. Is Ken home?” 2AM. “Nope. Dad’s not home tonight.” I wondered often where they thought he might be. Lol

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You were the good son. :sunglasses:

Well, we only lied when dad told us to. Maybe.

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More electrical-ish holiday humor from TechFlex : )


Nothing to do with Christmas but I think it’s funny. I sent this to my staff this morning. A new piece of test gear. The plug is polarized for safety!


That is actually a good one!