an opportunity for painless DIY cable experimenting

I am in the process of finishing up making/modifying my last 2 cable sets. This process includes a cryo treatment, which is the lynch pin for this portion of this experiment.

Which is, if anyone wants to include a couple of cables in my batch to be frizzed and then sizzled (cryo’d then cooked) I can accommodate them. The first 9 lbs are the same (minimum) price. My cables will add up to ≈2-3lbs so I have some ‘room’ for more.

On top of this I can also cook your cables on my cooker (or not, your choice) and then return them to you.

This offer includes both signal (XLR & RCA) and AC power cables (15amp IEC)

This entire process will take several weeks to complete, and your cost is for shipping to me and then the return back to you.

Well, unless I exceed the 9lb min limit, then it will cost some for the cryo treatment as well.

So if you are curious to know if you’d hear any differences to a cable that has been hot & cold ‘treated’ here is your golden opportunity to explore.