Cable Burn In Box

This must have been posted before. A box to burn in cables.

Doesn’t seem to be sold by Nordost


That seems useful to a person who can never stop trying things. Does it do fuses as well?


it seems not to be for sale

perhaps only dealers can purchase to then offer a burn-in service

A dealer near me has these from the Northeast. He refused to handle my cable as it was not bought from him. The dealer I bought it from said that you can also take the time to play it with music. And if I want to burn in my XLR cable quickly, I could also use it with clamps as speaker cable for a few days. I listened to music normally for hundreds of hours, after about two to four weeks it became smoother. An alternative for home use is the Proburn blue Horizon device.

Its dealer only and they do pay for it as well. which is why many charge for the service. I know my dealer will charge a 1 time cable customer, but a good customer who has bough many things he offers as free service which is fair considering he did have to pay big bucks for it.

The internal wiring is the higher end Nordost wiring. Its a pretty cool machine. Expensive for the hobbyist unless you have cables like Al does stashed in all the corners of his house hiding from the bunnies.


I wonder, do you buy a car and let it idle in the garage, or on the street, for days, to break it in? :rofl:


The new Vette has limiters in the computer until 1500 miles. But yeah just idling would not help.


I am not fussy anyway. I don’t always warm my system up before listening. I didn’t tonight. The cables I choose to buy I expect to have no effect on the sound at all. Usually they do not. So I normally just hook them up and forget about it.

Then one day George handed me two pair of Demo Dream V18 speaker cables. Sigh. I have V16 at home that are silent, how much more silent could these be? Sadly, way, way more silent. I hate this hobby. But I’m done now. Enough!

MUON Guys have a new switch coming out with built in clean power. Spendy, thankfully. Ack.


Always makes me think of this! I must add it to the top of my watch list!

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